Sunday, May 1, 2011

The long awaited letter

I went to get the mail yesterday with a skip in my step as the sun was shining and it was a beautiful day!  I grabbed the mail that was wrapped in an coupon clipper of sorts then closed and locked the mail door.  As I was walking back to the house, I casually thumbed through the envelopes that were there.  Suddenly my footing came to a halt.  There it was addressed to the Parent or Guardian of David xxxx.  The return address showed it was indeed from the trial-net study.  I could feel my body all but split in to two people.  One who wanted to tear that letter open and the other that was hesitant. 

As my brain wondered what would be inside I  could feel the tears well up.  My thoughts quickly went to a family recently adding a second T1 daughter to their world.  I took a deep breath and prayed, "Ok Lord, I know You and that You are good all of the time, even if this letter does not say what I want it to, what I hope it does, Lord I know you are still good and will see me, us, through whatever we must face.  Right now Lord I need your grace." 

My hands now trembling I decided to open the letter before I got to our driveway so if it was bad news I could just keep walking and my family would not have to see my first reaction to whatever was inside.  I slowly ran my finger through the flap.  "I really don't want to open this now," I thought.  I devised a plan to hide it in the mail and pretend like it never came. 

Yeah right, I wouldn't be able to walk past  the stack of mail with out a knot in my stomach.  I slowly opened the flap and took out the letter.  By this time I felt like I wanted to just go puke somewhere.  I could tell it was a form letter as I opened it.  I read it once and then a second and third time to make sure it said what I thought it said.  Basically it read that David has no detected antibodies at this time that show him to be at risk for T1D and they recommend that he be retested in a year.  A smile came across my face and I breathed a sigh of relief.  For now at least, we only have one diabetes diagnosis to deal with. 


  1. When we did the study last year on my two boys, I got the results for one and not the other....I freaked out for a week until the second one came. Luckily, both were negative. Still not sure why they came at different times since they were tested together. Glad David was negative. I have to get the boys tested again but I am dragging my feet... it isn't fun!

  2. Heidi . . . I was holding my breath while reading this post! I am just so, so happy the results were negative. We, too, participated in the Trial-Net study. It has been 4 weeks and they said results should come in 6. They did mention we would not receive news if the results were negative, but I am happy to hear they are sending out letters, regardless. There is just something 'concrete' about seeing it in writing. I do not have a feeling in my gut that my 13yo daughter will be positive, but my heart is fluttering for the results for my 6yo boy. I hope my gut is WRONG on this one!!!

  3. Awww Heidi...that is terrific news. We had Bridget tested when she was 6...she was negative AND haven't had her tested since due to the emotional "trauma" that it induces in her. She carried on like a banche (sp) during the blood draw...even though EMLA was used etc.

    I, like Amy, was on the edge of my seat...reading and praying for good news.

    This is great news.

  4. The anticipation...I was right there with you!!
    So glad it's good news, but you are so right that He would have made it good no matter what!
    We haven't done testing for Bug yet...although we do BG checks from time to time, mainly because she insists! So far they've all been OK.
    Celebrating with you!!