Sunday, May 15, 2011

Diabetes Blog Week Day 4

10 things I hate about you diabetes

1 I hate that you threaten my child's life on a daily basis

2 I hate that her life expectancy is shorter because of you

3 I hate that you make her feel so lousy

4 I hate that you don't let her "just be a kid"

5 I hate that you steal time away from her school day

6 I hate that some days our life revolves around you

7 I hate that she has to get "stuck" and see her blood multiple times a day

8 I hate that I will never again know what a full night of worry free sleep feels like

9 I hate that you never give us a break, ever

10 I hate that every single meal has to be a production of weighing, measuring and bolusing before any food can be consumed (I really hate measuring jelly for toast or PB sandwiches)