Thursday, May 26, 2011

ode to a test strip

I find you around my house like scattered confetti

Even though your are not perfect it's the numbers you produce that allow me to bolus spaghetti

One day I do hope for better technology 
as you display my child's blood with no appology

(That is a far as I got,  feel free to add lines in a comment and I will compile it all to make an Ode #2)


  1. Error 5 makes me want to scream.
    Living without you would be a dream.

    But since you are here to stay,
    Please do not get in our way.

  2. Love Wendy's addition.

    I find them EVERYWHERE! That stripless option that Hallie and Nicole posted on looked cool. Too bad I like my Ping remote so much.

  3. You're everywhere, that is so true!
    But without you, what would we do?

    You give us numbers, high or low
    But more 'in range' would please me so!!