Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Diabetes Blog Week Day 2

Day 2's topic is to write a letter and the criteria is "You can write a letter to diabetes if you’d like, but we can also take it one step further. How about writing a letter to a fictional (or not so fictional) endocrinologist telling the doctor what you love (or not) about them. How about a letter to a pretend (or again, not so pretend) meter or pump company telling them of the device of your dreams? Maybe you’d like to write a letter to your child with diabetes. Or a letter from your adult self to the d-child you were. Whomever you choose as a recipient, today is the day to tell them what you are feeling." Here is mine:

Dear (favorite CDE),
You have been there supporting us from the beginning. You were there with me the day my world was falling apart, not only was my daughter lying in the hospital bed next to me, emaciated from a disease that tried to take her life, but my husband was not able to help me physically or emotionally as he was so very sick. My other kids weren't fairing well and I distinctly remember as I was nursing David while trying to listen to the information you were giving me, he bit down hard and I thought I was going to loose both my mind and my nipple in one fell swoop. That is now a moment we can laugh about.

You, yourself have T1D and know first hand how difficult managing blood sugars can be. You have always been like a cheerleader for us. Every time I leave your office, I feel good about myself and my daughter. I know that Bekah can still live life to the fullest when I see you. You have a contagious joy about you and don't ever let diabetes get you down or so it seems from the out side. (I'm sure like all of us you have tough days too) You always share information with me in such a down to earth fashion and are confident in my ability to implement whatever it is you are teaching us at the time.

I also think you look like a grown up version of Bekah and the moment that you were leaving our hospital room will forever be etched in my memory. There you were standing at the bottom of Bekah's bed you looking at her and she looking back at you and this surreal feeling came over me as if my daughter was looking at her future self trying to sort this new life out.

I'm glad that we have you along our journey to stand beside us and give guidance. I am so glad that Bekah has you as an example to look to, and as those teen and adult years approach you will be the one influencing her and teaching her how to best take care of her body.

You are a ROCKSTAR! Keep being awesome!

Much love,


  1. Chuckled at the nipple part...and what a stressful diagnosis story Heidi. I was struggling enough and I didn't have to juggle all that you were.

    Your CDE sounds wonderful. I am so glad that you and Bekah have her in your lives.

  2. Our CDE rocks too! She doesn't have T1 but she is so understanding and very knowledgeable. I'm so glad you have been blessed with such a wonderful CDE. :)

  3. OUCH! I am glad your nipple survived!!!

    Your CDE sounds dreamy.

  4. *siiiigh* You sure know how to make a girl feel loved and appreciated. You (and Bekah) never fail to brighten my day as well! Reading some of your blog/facebook posts, it not only brings me back to my crazyhecticwonderful childhood, but also makes me appreciate how hard my mom worked to keep me healthy. Bekah is SO lucky to have you. When I read that you were disappointed with Bekah's most recent A1c of 8.2, all I could think was "I hope NOBODY from our clinic portrayed this indx a negative light." After years of ups, downs, and everything in between (my highest A1c being at 10.0--I made them re-do it because I didn't believe them, haha) I hope you do not get discouraged. If I would have seen you post-A1c result, I would have told you to keep your chin up and be proud that it was not higher after so much illness and stress! :)

    Thank you again for saying such wonderful words. It makes me so happy to see how awesome you, Bekah, and your nipple are doing :)

  5. Lucky, lucky you to have a CDE like her!!!

    I, too, had to chuckle at the nipple part. It brought back memories of my own babies. :-)

  6. Yes Holly is WONDERFUL!!! She was there our 1st night in the PICU as our daughter laid on her death bed and I remember thinking "you have diabetes??? You look so healthy!" she gave me such hope that everything would be ok :)

  7. What a gift to have someone to walk this road with you who has been down it herself...and one who can laugh about nipples, to boot!! :)