Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Woah Nelly!

My girl is maturing before my eyes.  Taking all of this d-stuff in stride (sometimes).  Today her teacher text me "424, lots of tears she is drinking water and PE teacher will have her walk and not run".  I was half way out the door already as I text back "on my way to check for ketones"  (they have urine strips at the school but Bekah hates them.)  We always use a toilet hat at home when we check ketones via urine but honestly since we have had our blood ketone meter, we have just done it with a finger prick. 

I lug a sleeping David into the school to sign in and make a bee line for the gym.  BG check shows 415 and ketones= 0.0  By the time I had gotten there the tears had subsided.  No matter how I try to tell her that it's just a number, Bekah takes them all so personally and kind of feels like she has done something wrong when her number is high. (hmm I wonder if I am setting a bad example with those darn A1Cs, I tried not to let her see me cry on the way home from the Endo last time but she is an observer and I am sure she didn't miss it)

I already had a sneaking suspicion that her I:C ratio for lunch needed to be changed (she had been running HBG after lunch all week)and when I did the math:  (pizza+fruit cup+chocolate milk = 83 g carb   1:18 ratio bolus was 4.6   HBG correction 2 hr later was .9  a 1:15 ratio would have given her .9 more)  Once home her BG had gone down a bit but still needed a .55 correction as was above 300. 

We did a site change and then on her own an hour later she checked her BG and told me, "mom my blood sugar is still over 300 so I set a temp basal of +60% for four hours, does that sound about right to you?"

Whoa Nelly!!  When did she learn that?  Is she 7? or 37??

Proud of my girl as I cry tears of sadness becuase she shouldn't have to know that!


  1. ((HUGS))
    Hope the BG goes down and she feels better soon, I think the cruddy feeling is the worst part of high BG for Isaac...of course we worry about long term complications, but honestly seeing him so uncomfortable is just rough on all of us.
    Have a lovely evening :)

  2. Wow! Rockin' a temp basal!?! I still have a hard time with that!! :)
    Lots of stepping up by 7 year olds this week!! ;)

  3. I hope you start to see better numbers!

    I know the feeling. Every time I watch my seven-year-old give himself a shot, it strikes me as strange. A boy his age should not know how to use a needle. A girl Bekah's age shouldn't know about temp basals. But our kids are amazing and we are so lucky to have them!

  4. I read this one last night, but was unable to comment. I couldn't get onto blogger. Anyway, she sounds like she is ON IT. Reminds me of my little guy Heidi. They are mature beyond their years and at times it seems a bit unfair.

    P.S. Tell Bekah...I have been gardening and on top of worms...we have GRUBS!!! EWWWWWWWWWW. I think they may gross me out more than worms. Not sure though.

  5. wow she seems so bright and so mature, really handling it! thats totally a compliment to how your handling it. i guess we all feel like the numbers (bg, and a1c) are judgement at times. its a tough ask trying not to emotionalise it, especially when shes also the one feeling the numbers. feeling a high is so different to me looking at the meter and swinging into action for my cwd.