Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Good Wednesday

Roselady from Diapeepees has a good Friday post each week.  I am not promising a weekly post just yet but I do think I am going to join in her efforts some time soon.  Today I just needed to think about something other than D.

Here is the quote from her Good Friday post  "I know diabetes can get us down. So can lots of other stuff. And, it's soooo easy to blog about the bad times. But, you know what -- I love to read the good stuff so much more! So, I'm challenging myself every Friday to come up with three things that have made the week good. And, there's a double challenge -- to make those three things have nothing to do with diabetes -- because we can't let the diabetes get so big that we forget about life's other pleasures. Interested in joining me? If so, check out my post every Friday."

Here are my three all wrapped up in this photo
First of all, is there anything cuter than a toddler bottom in underwear??  (yes at home I let him run around in unders and a t-shirt- it saves on the laundry and time to get things out of the way for business to be done on the toilet)  Because we get so much rain, the play structure is in the garage.

Secondly, he is doing great with potty training!  I am keeping my fingers crossed that it keeps going this great!  Bonus, I have a cheerleader every time I go now.  The girls just said "good job Mommy" or something of the sorts but my little scientist has to investigate the evidence (he only looks don't worry). He has to see the "snakes I made" every time I go .  He is sorely disappointed when it was just #1.  Yes maybe this is TMI but you know you are going to think of my little guy next time you make "snakes".  I think he has a future as a Gastroenterologist or a lab tech that takes care of stool samples (someone's gotta do it).

Third, he has an obsession with putting on socks, shoes too (mostly other people's ) in the photo he is wearing Daddy's socks.  He'll put on multiple pair if I let him.  Yesterday I was folding and putting away his laundry and he had 3 pair of his socks on before I noticed.  Cracks me up!

Fourth, (because I felt like adding a 4th) now that he is well over two years old, I am working on weaning him.  It is a bitter sweet thing.  Instead of always nursing him to sleep, we dance now, to Perry Como's "Catch a Falling Star".  I love to just sit and contemplate him after he has gone to sleep.   I will hold him in my arms and just stare at his features knowing they are changing before my eyes.

Oh no here it comes, I am getting sentimental...


  1. Totally love toddler butts in undies!! So gotta get on that with Bug...I'm sure she's ready, I just haven't mustered up the brain power to think about another person having to go!! I'm lucky to get the bathroom myself some days!

  2. The sock thing is hilarious and the end of your post was bitter~sweet for sure. I totally understand the emotions and he is growing up so fast...I cannot believe that I have been following you since he was a BABY! And...along these lines...Joe was just looking at pix of himself when he was a toddler and says it "seems like it was just yesterday"...yes, does.


  3. love, love, love that song and yes he is adorable, little toddler booty in undies and all :)