Monday, May 30, 2011

Rain and 50s

You would think by the title of this blog post that it was going to be about the weather.  It is a little.  With the exception of just a day or two break here and there it has been raining nonstop for moths now.  Can we get a break so the kids can at least get out and play?  (enter here one of Reyna's eloquent FFS)

We are gearing up for our first official fundraiser to get Bekah's diabetes alert dog.  The organization that we chose to go through actually breeds via invitro fertilization for scent recognition.  When the pups are nine days of age they go through scent testing and only the ones that pass this rigorous test are sent on to be diabetes alert dogs the rest are used as family companions, hunting dogs etc.  Canines of this capacity are not cheap. We are on the waiting list now and in about 8 or 9 months should have our puppy.  In a couple of weeks we will be having a garage/bake sale to begin our fund raising endeavor.  Our garage is filling up with donations made by friends and family to help with our sale.  We brought the exercise trampoline in the house to keep it out of the way of the garage sale stuff.

It has been raining over this lovely three day weekend we are having so I didn't stop and think that a lower temp basal might be in order.  Bekah is not super active especially when confined indoors.  She must have been jumping on the exercise trampoline a lot more than I noticed becuase she had two BGs in the 50s through out the day.  Lows are rare for her especially lows under 60.  Bekah is very aware of her body and usually catches a dropping BG before it hits 70. 

Last night the family was gearing up for a late night game of Catan.  (we love strategy games)  David was beginning to melt down and unlike my other kids needs to stick to the same schedule every night or he is a wreck for a few days.  I decided that I would run up and get him down to sleep and then join in the game.  I was exhausted and as I was lying with him, I fell asleep.  The game commenced with out me.  Our family tends to drift toward a swing shift schedule when there is no school for more than a day because my hubby is a night owl.  They played until 2AM when Jason had Bekah check her BG 104 he thought that was a tad low for sleeping so he had her eat a Starburst and sent her to bed.  He had some work to finish up and at 4 AM as he was walking up the stairs, he wasn't going to check Bekah's BG before retiring himself. (Night time lows are very, very rare for Bekah due to my fear of being aggressive with insulin at night, she actually tends to run a bit on the high side at night and she had just checked 2 hrs prior) Something just felt like he should.  Her BG was 54.  It took two juice boxes to bring her BG back up above 80.  Thank-you Lord that Daddy's have good instincts too.

I have to say that my husband is pretty awesome as he has taken the night shift for me.  At first he would just do the 3 AM check and has gained confidence in how to handle each number especially with the pump since he is a techy sort of guy.  A few weeks ago when depression took over and I needed a reprieve, he took the midnight checks as well.  With Bekah insulin seems to have a 3 hour staying power so I check to see when her last bolus was and set the kitchen timer for him for 3 hours later.  It has been working well.  I am getting more sleep and feeling better.  He is up working anyway so it's not a big deal to take a quick break to check on Bekah.  This wouldn't work for everyone but for us it does.  Jason has always done his best work at night (swing shift would be ideal for him).  He works mostly from home as a web developer (teaching a couple classes in between at the community college to help make ends meet).


  1. I love hearing that your family played til 2 am! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!!

    Praise God for Daddy's Instincts. Sometimes it's just what the doctor ordered :)

    Great Job, Team Bekah!

  2. oh heidi how exciting is the alert dog process, my goodness. cannot wait to hear how all this goes.

  3. Good luck with your fundraisers... a DAD will be such a blessing.

    LOVE hubbies that take the night checks... I hope it gives you much needed rest. <3

    Lora(what is up with Google??)

  4. seriously done with the rain!
    we had a weekend of lows too....funny how that happens sometimes.

  5. Wow. Way to go Jason.. I'm glad that scary moment has passed.. Bekah is a champion.. I like your blog...