Thursday, May 19, 2011

Driving Miss Crazy

When I was learning to drive, I HATED driving with my mom.  She would have one hand clutching the e-brake and the other holding on to the dash for dear life.  Her shrill screams as I approached stop signs and lights could be heard for miles.  I swore I was going to get I an accident not becuase I wasn't being careful but becuase she scared the crap out of me when I didn't brake quick enough for her liking.  I was NEVER going to be like that.

My oldest child now has his driving permit and I do have to say it is a little unnerving seeing my baby behind the wheel.  I have a rule that he can't drive with the little ones in the car.  This gets me out of most of the driving duties =).  Honestly dealing with the antics of diabetes as well as a strong willed toddler are about as much stress as I can take so I am happy to let Jason take the reigns on this one.  It's a sneaky way to get them to do some grocery shopping too =). 

A few weeks ago, Josh and I were headed to his GI appointment and it was just him and I.  With a twinkle in his eye, he said "can I drive?"  I had no excuse to say no so I let him drive.  I could feel my blood pressure rise as I sat down in the passengers seat.  I took a deep breath and reminded myself I was NOT going to be like my mom.  There were a couple of times that I closed my eyes and took a calming breath but no screams were heard from me.  Then we crossed the bridge over to Portland.  I dislike Portland traffic!  The freeway narrows as a truck passes us.  (Let's just say Josh has some lane centering issues. He is becoming a really good driver though)  It happens "#$%@!  $%#*  @#$!% !!"  is heard from my mouth, mind you I didn't scream them but I did see my life flash before my eyes for a brief moment.  Josh chuckles a bit and says "Mom, I didn't know you knew those words".  I think I might have a few more gray hairs but we survived the drive both to and from P-town that day.

I don't have any photos of Josh behind the wheel so I will leave you with one of  Kihembah at puppy kindergarten.  (our baby is growing up)  She moves too much to get a good still shot.


  1. Ha ha ha ha ! I loved this post! I HATED learning to drive from my Mom. To make matters worse, my car was a standard and she would freak out every time I stalled it. I finally hired a guy to teach me and he had me parallel parking on hills by the end of my lesson. It's all in the method, isn't it?

  2. Aha, Your mom sounds like my mom.... Glad you made it back safe (:

  3. Love the title of this post. :)

    In my family, my mom was the calm teacher, while my dad had the white knuckles. I'm hoping I take after my mom when my kids start driving. :)

  4. I hate Portland traffic!!! My mom would never let me cross the bridge when she was in the car! :)

  5. Love it..."I didn't know you knew those words, Mom!" Hilarious!!

    My mother taught me how to dad would have been the one muttering the obscenities between deep, heavy sighs while rubbing his forehead constantly!!

  6. my dad taught us...and my mom still hates not being the driver!

    and I love your puppy, sooo cute!