Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Diabetes Blog Week Day 3

Today's topic is to write about bloopers. I think the nipple event in the previous post takes the cake but here is a little funny that happened to us the other day:

A few nights ago, I stumbled in to Bekah's room to check her BG. My husband usually does these late night/early morning checks but I have had a difficult time sleeping. Word of two more deaths of CWD and Hallie's story about Sweetpea in addition to our less than perfect A1C this time around has caused some very restless nights. As I went to poke Bekah's finger with "hokey pokey" she tried to roll back over on her hand. She was still very much asleep just in an active state of sleep. I got the poke done and squoze (Reyna's word) a bit obtaining the perfect size blood drop. I brought the meter with the strip towards her finger and as I approached, she reached over and wiped the blood on my shirt. Nice! Another poke and squeeze was had and again as I came in for the approach at just the correct angle to get a good BG reading (instead of an error 5) Bekah reached over and wiped the blood drop on my shirt. I began to think I was being punked. It took two more tries to get the BG reading I was trying for. I told Bekah the next morning about what happened and she didn't remember wiping blood on me but thought it was hilarious!


  1. that is funny. AND...I hate going through several test strips during a night check. UGH.

  2. lol I would be soooo frustrated!!

  3. I love that you wondered whether you were being punked! :)

    I bet Bekah cracked up the next morning!

  4. Those night BGs when they fight you in their sleep...argh! Not funny at the time, but always make me smile none-the-less! :)

  5. Sometimes I think Justing trying to play tug o war. His finger it the rope!!
    But hes never actually whiped the blood on ME.
    It usually ends up on the sheet.

  6. Hahaha, she is right, that is hilarious!! Well, maybe not for you and your shirt. ;)