Sunday, October 3, 2010

My Best Friend

Today is not only the JDRF walk in our area but it marks the day that my husband and I started dating, 22 years ago. We were just kids. I was 15 and he 17. I was drawn to his gentle yet stable ways. He had a deep faith in Jesus Christ that I wanted to experience more of. We married 3.5 years later, just a few months after I graduated from high school.

Over the years we have laughed and cried together as life has brought us so much joy with a little pain thrown in. He is still my stable rock. He fights dragons for me as he deals with our extremely tight finances and puts the various agencies (like insurance companies and pharmacies) that screw things up in their place. He supports me in all that I do. When people ask "does your wife work?" His answer is always "oh yes she works harder than I do." He protects any judgment that people might have that I need to get a job working outside of our home. We make sacrifices to keep me home and one of them is that my husband rarely puts himself first. He has missed many a birthday gift because while we had great intentions, there was something more important that came up. He won't let me do that though, in his eyes there is not much that would trump making me feel like a princess on my birthday.

When it comes to D care, Jason will do whatever I ask of him. He is a night owl so his main D job is the 2-3AM checks. I am so thankful that he takes the reigns for this job almost every night. Our little David is not a good sleeper and I take the night shift with him.

My Jason is a punster and loves to make people laugh (or groan). He loves politics (me not so much). Strategy games are his thing. He can take just about anybody at a game of Catan. Jason loves kids especially babies. His occupation is as a web developer although he has taught high school on two different occasions with an emergency certification. He loves to think outside of the box and is a visionary. Jason posses both a physical and spiritual strength that are rare. My husband is a quiet man most of the time but he can get the kids riled up in a good wrestle/tickle match. He has a thirst for knowledge and a quest for truth and justice. I am proud that he is the father of my children because he lives an example of a Christ-like character and shows them how to enjoy life. One thing that I adore about my husband is that he squeezes every ounce of life out of every minute of the day. He loves his family more than life itself and his top priority is making our lives the best they can be. My favorite place in the world is with his big strong arms wrapped around me.

After reading Reyna's post about Dave and the book given to her, great post by the way, I had to do an evaluation. I have worked with children with special needs and know the statistics. When you add that kind of stress to a marriage, the chances of staying married go way down. I didn't think that anything could shake my marriage really. We are not in trouble but there has been tension and stress and very few breaks, just the two of us, to nurture our relationship since D entered the picture. I wanted this post to be all sunshine and roses but I felt like I needed to keep it real. Even the most blissful of couples get shaken up by their child having a chronic illness. Even the most compatible people don't always see eye to eye when they are sleep deprived and anxious about what the future holds for their child. Hey Reyna, if you are out there I'd love to have the name of the book you referenced in your post. I have always prided my self in having a great marriage and I know if I don't take time to read that book and make the extra effort to nurture my marriage that great might turn to good, and good to so so, and so so to not so great, and then I don't even want to think about what that could mean.

I am so very blessed to be married to my best friend, the person who knows me best and loves me most. I can honestly say, I only love Jesus more.


  1. You knew I would be here! LOL. Thanks for the love on my post last night. It was nice to wake up refreshed, ready to take on the numbers, and to feel loved and supported. I truly appreciate it.

    First off, what a loving, well thought out, detailed tribute to your husband, Jason. He sounds like quite a man, husband, and father...and human being. I like reading about peoples interesting to hear about the other half, don't you think? On the book, I will keep looking for it. I tried to find it for the post, but was unable to. I'll let you know once I find it. I'll do an internet search too...maybe I can find the title on-line.

    Have a wonderful Sunday with your family!

  2. What a beautiful post!

    I am so inspired by couples who lift each other up. Sometimes I feel like the people around me complain about their spouses far too often. It has been refreshing to read about the positive partnerships on the front lines of life AND raising diabetes.

    Marriage isn't easy. It takes intentional living to maintain the emotional bonds that keep us together. We must not ever take each other for granted.

    Thank you for the inspiration this morning!

    God bless your marriage!

  3. What a sweet post. Your husband sounds like an amazing man and a wonderful support.

  4. What a wonderful post about a wonderful man! We are truly blessed to have such great men in our lives!! Marriage isn't easy, but when there is love and respect, it is SO worth it!

  5. Jason sounds wonderful. What a lucky woman you are! What lucky children your kids are!

    I really admired the way you added a dash of reality to this post. It's true how even the best of marriages have their challenging moments, especially when something like D enters the scene.

  6. Awwww, what a sweet post. If we're ever in the same city, Jason and Fred need to duel it out over Catan... Fred is a Catan superstar!