Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Gift Exchange

Cindy put together a gift exchange.  David got paired up with the Princess as in the Superhero's sister and Bekah with Ally from Life is like a Box of Chocolates.  Thank-you Cindy for such a great idea!  Thanks to Ally and Misty and Tracy and her Princess for such fun gifts!  The kids love them!  Megan got paired up too but I will post her exchange separately.  (I'm working on a post dedicated all to her)  Enjoy the pics!  (Bekah's pics turned out a little better because I took them on my camera, David's I took with my phone)  


 (If you look closely you can see her medical ID from MedicAlert)

 (notice the Tummietote from Tally gear)


  1. AWWW. Loved the gift exchange and love the relationships that have started b/c of it. Bridget and Ronda's Gwen have a lot in common. AND Joe wants to move in with Meri's L. and the crew. lol.

    Great pix.

  2. I am so glad David loved the gifts! This was fun!