Thursday, April 21, 2011

What do you do with that bunny?

Easter was the first holiday post dx for our family last year.  Jelly beans and chocolate bunnies among other confections have always made their way into Easter baskets and a part of Easter breakfast (Easter all daylong really) at our house.  We had an education appt the week prior to Easter.  I was quite concerned about what to do with Easter candy.  Was it even allowed? The CDE said you just bolus for it and make sure that her hands don't have any sugar when you check her blood glucose level.  Really?  It's that simple?

I asked Bekah what 2 kinds of candy she wanted the Easter bunny to bring.  Jelly beans and a chocolate bunny was her answer.  The jelly beans I knew had 1g carb each and I could stash the rest for lows, but the bunny.....yikes!  When my husband and I finally went shopping there were two sizes left the HUGE ones and the tiny ones.  The practical me said get the tiny ones.  We got the HUGE ones.

Easter morning came and the kids were thrilled with their bunnies (I wish I had a picture, they had the longest ears I have ever seen on a bunny).  There was no way Bekah was going to eat the whole bunny or even half at one sitting so now what do we do with this bunny??   I didn't have a scale at the time and we were still on MDI.

I added up the total carbs in said bunny and becuase Bekah was on MDI and allowed some free 15 carb snacks I divided it by 15.  I can't remember now how many I got but then I took a knife and made hash marks in equal sections so that each section was about 15 carbs. (I also didn't know about carb factors at the time either- I was very green)

This is kind of what Bekah's bunny looked like (hers was much more well endowed in the ear department though):

Bekah was able to enjoy her bunny and I didn't stress about it.  Her BGs didin't seem to be to off, I think I SAWGed it pretty good especially for a newb =)


  1. Ha! Love the pic "hack-job" Heidi! AND...sounds like you rocked it even as a Newbie dear friend.


  2. SWAG on, sister, SWAG on!!!

  3. Totally impressed you conquered the bunny that soon after dx! A-flippin-mazing!!

  4. Halloween arrived a few weeks after our diagnosis. We made Halloween work the way you made Easter work. D is NOT going to take away traditions!!!

    Happy Easter!