Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring break wrap up

Today is the last official day of spring break here for my kiddos. The weather has been crappy.(March we hit a record of 18 inches of rain for the month-I contemplated building a big boat to take me to some place sunny) This week we have had rain-lots of rain, hail, thunder and even a little snow. Friday though was glorious! When I pray for good weather, I always ask God for a sunny day with a few little puffy clouds in the sky. (Just one of my little quirks) I asked for at least one nice day over our spring break and we got it! Not one drop of rain fell on Friday. The sky was blue with just a few little puffy clouds and the temperature was in the upper 50s.(It could have been a bit warmer but I am NOT complaining) We spent a few hours at the park that day along running a few errands. (I didn't take any pics that day becuase I was too busy soaking up the fun and the sun)

We got to have some cousin time as my sister and her kids come to visit for a few days. We went over to CHAP (Children's Healing Art Project).

We found a new cool kids salon and David got his hair cut. One of my good friends did his first few cuts and then she moved to another state. I have taken him to a place (just a little nicer than Super Cuts) and didn't have good luck with the cowlicks. I researched and found a place tailored for kids that had recently opened on the other side of town. Bekah has been growing her hair out and I gave her the option of buying some new clips to keep her hair out of her eyes or getting it cut and she chose the clips. That was until she saw this cool place. She wanted in on the hair cut action as well. (She is super shy and doesn't like adults that she doesn't know well) She was totally in to it and even picked a new look from a book.

David loved the police car and he got to watch "Buzz and Woody" while getting his hairs cut
Here is Bekah before

and after =)

Miss Kihembah (pronounced kimba) took up most of our spring break. Josh is doing a great job with her. I have to say there is not much cuter than a 2 year old playing with a puppy. Border Collies and Australian Shepherds are herding dogs. Being a mix of both our little gal is a master herder at only 8 weeks old. At first we thought it was cute that she was herding David but now we realize that we need to nip this behavior in the bud. (pun intended) She is one smart puppy! She is pretty much house trained after a week. We only had one poopy in the house and that was in the first 24 hours after bringing her home. She has even rung the bell that we put on the door for her and then went out and made a poop in the yard. Good doggy! She has a tiny bladder and has trouble holding it from her crate (up in Josh's room) down the stairs and across the living room to out side. We carry her so we have been doing lots of laundry as well.
Josh taking a nap with his pup
Isn't she a cute pup? 

Well tomorrow is back to the grind.  I have enjoyed our lazy days of sleeping in and just hanging out.  BG wise it's been quite odd and I think Bekah's pancreas may have kicked the bucket.  There have been times when I thought she had come out of the honeymoon phase but I am quite convinced now.  Since her ear infection she had one day of absolute bliss.  BG levels went from 93-127 ALL day long.  24 hours of this, I thought we had reached some sort of BG nirvana.  The next day was HBG all day long so I set a temp basal increase of 30% for 24 hrs and then again 24 hrs later.  After three days of this and still having trouble keeping her BG numbers in a decent range I went in and pushed her basals all up a notch in the pump.  We will ride this out for 3 days (tomorrow being day 3) and then begin doing some basal tests to see where her basal needs are falling right now.  She could be growing,or that infection could be back.  I guess it's mostly just watch and wait to see if her insulin needs are increasing. 


  1. Love the new do on Bekah... she looks so grown-up!

    For some reason the only thing our border colliw mix will herd is waves when we take her to the lake. I'm very thankful that she has a lazy herding instinct!

  2. Awwwwww! To both the puppy update and Bekah's new do!

    So nice to hear about fun Spring Break activities. You are a good mama, Heidi.

  3. Love the new hair cut! And I love Lil' Snippers!!! It's the only place I take my kids, they are awesome!

  4. so awesome that you took the cousins to CHAP. did they have fun?
    wish our weather was better but we did enjoy Friday (the boys had the day off too) may we get more of those soon.
    cute cut on Bekah.
    pup is sooo adorable!

  5. Lots of cuteness! Lots of fun!! Sorry it's over....

  6. Looks like a lot of fun. We're planning a ptown trip soon and may just have to check out CHAP (is that right?) I have a girlfriend that works for Shriners there in Ptown and she said it's a wonderful program.
    The haircut is adorable, too.
    As is the puppy!
    Hope your week back into the groove is going well.

  7. Both Bekah and Kihemba are adorable! Wish our puppy were as good with the potty training! So I'll second the "good doggy!" :)

  8. yay for the break! i absolutely love that police car chair. what an awesome idea! i had to laugh about the pancreas kicking the bucket. i was in denial forever about the honeymoon period. it really lasted like a few weeks after diagnosis, hes now on the same units of insulin as his body weight.