Friday, April 22, 2011


Bekah's school decided to do a jog-a thon as a fund raiser for the PTA.  When I first got the information sheet that said she would be running for 20 min straight I started to panic.  Then my self talk began (the good kind) "You can do this, you rock PE and the last illness, this is a piece of cake".  Those of you with more active children than my docile little Bekah are probably busting a gut a the idea of 20 min of activity stressing me out. (it's ok, you have earned it) You live it EVERY-SINGLE-DAY.  Bekah does play around and get pretty active with her siblings and the puppy but running for 20 min straight is a bit different.

Here is how it went down.  Lunch bolus left 10 carbs uncovered.  Check BG 30 min prior to jogging to make my plan. 222 was the # that the meter shared with me.  A nice even number and now my plan was not to lower her basal but to check again right before the run and if she was above 200 then do nothing and below give juice.  BG check exclaimed 210.

I was probably quite the sight as I walked in a zig zag pattern on the inside of the track with a toddler on one hip and a juice box in hand "chasing" my daughter around the track.  We decided that she was to give me a thumbs down sign if she felt low.  She ran 11 1/8 mile laps in 20 minutes and never needed the juice.  A post exercise BG check showed a 108.  Thank-you very much!  I got a little cocky I think as I patted my self on the back.  The kids each got a freezer pop when it was done (6g carb left uncovered to hopefully keep that 108 stable).  I'm still thinking "heck yeah I rocked this".  I headed back to the class room to return all of the supplies I had taken out to the field with me. 

As I was about to walk out the door I decided we should do another BG check to see if she was going to need a snack before going home.  67...crap! (it had been less than 15 minutes and she had even eaten a freezer pop) I didn't rock it, I suck.  Next time I will do something different not sure what but this didn't work as lovely as I had hoped.  Luckily one treatment of 4 Starbursts brought it back up to a nice 104 and then I had her eat a 15 carb uncovered snack of cheese and crackers.

Unfortunately I was too busy playing pancreas to think about taking any pictures.  The sun was out (mostly-we did get some sprinkles) and it was a fun event!  David was super cute too  as he cheered his sister on.  "Go Bekah!  Go Bekah!" was heard echoing out of David's mouth from the center of the track as we raced back and forth after our girl.


  1. I soooo felt this post. This is my LIFE!!!! EVERY MINUTE almost....UGH.

    Fist bump to Bekah please from Joe and I.

  2. Being on top of checking and trusting your gut to do another check = ROCKING IT! So what if the numbers weren't you said, it's not something you do on a daily basis. Sometimes we have to take the 'not perfect' experiences to learn for the next time. :)

  3. Hey, you totally rocked it! You decided to go check that BG one more time and that's what made the victory!

    I think you are a rock star. And a sweet one, too! : )

  4. echo what Reyna said - my boys NEVER EVER STOP! We've found the high carb high fat foods are best to keep BG up and steady - chocolate with peanut butter is the top pick lately. Isaac also likes to sip Gatorade whenever possible:)
    Glad all ended up well and she had a fab time :)

  5. You DID rock it! You were there for your girl!