Monday, April 18, 2011

The downside of making BG checks fun

I always try to make things fun for my kids especially the not so fun stuff.  I have made every effort to make BG checks more fun.  I put pokers (with out the needle) and extra meters in the doctor kit for the kids to play with.  Bekah got stickers and prizes at first to help ease the sting of those first several checks.  We named the devices that we use,  "hokey pokey", "mator the meter" and "tips the strips" are pictured above.

I had gestational D when I was pregnant with David.  I keep an extra meter and a few strips around for me to check from time to time to keep tabs on my BG becuase having gestational D puts me at high risk for T2. (the ones pictured in the photo above are what I use, they are what Bekah used before switching to the pump and the One Touch system) I had been feeling particularly thirsty so I decided to check my BG.  (I got a 117)  I then walked away from the meter (I placed it back up on the counter which I thought that David couldn't reach) and went to go do something else leaving Josh doing dishes and David playing near by.  I hear the two talking about something and it sounded interesting so I went in to check on them.  Josh told me that he had looked over at David with the lancing device in his hand and his finger bleeding like crazy.  David  was insistent that he "check" so Josh helped him, obtaining an error message.  (Josh has never wanted anything to do with BG checks and in fact is the only one of my children who had not been poked with "hokey pokey" and had his BG checked)  He decided after watching David do it with tons of blood and no tears that it must not hurt so he was game to do a check.  His check obtained a 92 from the meter.  My big strong teenage guy was reeling a bit from the pain though.  He couldn't believe that it really hurt that bad. 

Lesson learned, my 2 year old can reach the counters now so it is important to make sure the meter is put away and not just left on the edge of the counter.  It's not going to stop me from making the yucky stuff a little more fun though =)


  1. Awww what a lil sweetie. Its amazing how things most kids wouldl be scared of is so normal for them.

  2. AWWW... I feel like I have been watching David grow up over here Heidi. He was just a babe when I started following you.

    And give Josh a nod from me... I too think it hurts a bit...especially if the lancing device isn't a Delica.

  3. Ha! My 13yo daughter poked her finger once and it bled like a stuck pig. She complained for h-o-u-r-s ;)

    Oh how I love the idea that the 'supplies' are part of the play Dr.'s kit. It is a big part of your lives, so make it part of the play, as well. Good Job!

  4. I'm with Reyna. It's been fun watching David grow and reading stories about what he's doing at different stages.

    Love the names that you've given your strips, meter and lancing device. Fun!

  5. That junk does hurt... I have to turn my head so no one can see the tears :}