Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The game

I'm sure you are all familiar with it.  Running around the house, doing jumping jacks, bouncing on the trampoline, drinking lots of carb free fluids.  The rules change but the objective is the same, getting that BG# < 200. 

Last Friday, the school called informing me that Bekah's BG was 378 and she was looking like she wasn't feeling well.  I went to pick her up and once we got home did another BG check obtaining a 410.  We have rarely had site failures but this was definitely one.  I checked her for ketones, and she had none.  We changed the site and insulin, did a correction on that HBG and then I gave her the go ahead to RUN, JUMP and PLAY.  We did BG checks every half an hour.  We even did a temp basal increase of 50% for 4 hours. We corrected again and finally at 8:30 she was able to eat dinner. 

As Bekah lives longer with T1D, I have found that I can be a little more restrictive about what and when she eats with out crushing her spirit.  She doesn't feel as defeated when D tries to win the game anymore.  She is stronger now and ready to take on the challenge.  This was the first time that I said no carbs until BG is under 200.  Normally when she has a HBG, I just keep fighting D and let her add fuel to the fire becuase she is a kid first and I don't want D to be too intrusive in her life.  It usually takes close to 24 hrs to get that HBG down to where I'd like to see it when I play the game that way.   It took longer than I had hoped but I am glad that I had her on my team this time as we worked together to get that number down.


  1. I am loving that Joe is more tolerant of some of "D"s rule changes as his life with "D" advances. AND...ugh on the 24hrs of highs...those suck.

  2. This is a fabulous post! I love your image, too. Visual aids make everything better ;)

    I love hearing how you and Bekah workd as a team to beat D into submission. These stories always make my heart hurt, then smile when I hear about the great d-rents who offer such great support

  3. It's great that as our kids age, they gain a better understanding of how to manage D.

    I like your HBG game board! Though, I'd rather not play that game! :)

  4. It's always good when the kiddos are ready and willing to take on a D challenge. Way to go Bekah!!
    Just have to do what we have to do sometimes! Glad the BG finally that it took so long!
    Keep up the awesome work!!