Friday, April 1, 2011

I fooled 'em

Happy April 1st!  I wanted to share with you the lovely trick I played on my family.  They were all unsuspecting becuase I had not been feeling well and I am not nearly as good at pulling pranks as my jovial husband.  When dinner came around I served them this:

It looks innocent enough.  A pot pie and a cupcake.  Actually looks pretty good huh =)  It was delicious!  The trick was that the pot pie was pudding with starburst shaped into peas and carrots and hershey's cookies and cream bites as the "chicken" in a graham cracker crust covered with a regular pie crust and then baked.  The cupcakes were actually meatloaf with mashed potatoes for the "frosting". 

here is the pie before the top crust went on, you can see the yummy "carrots and peas"

once the crust is on, you never know what is inside

the final baked pies (they leaked a little so I probably filled them too full)

un-frosted cupcakes (meatloaf)

yummy pink "frosting" actually mashed potatoes

finished cupcakes

Now for Bekah's reaction (I had done this for the older kids before but they were awesome to keep quiet and go with my trick)
she has never had pot pie before and is actually kind of picky

first bite


I hope you didn't fall for any April fools day pranks!  Or if you did it was all in fun.  Happy April fools day!