Thursday, January 20, 2011

What the Fudgecycles?

I will make this quick because my swelly brain is tired and needs to go to bed.  I'm not sure what is going on with Bekah's BG #s.  I am hoping that I will have an epiphany as I am sleeping because I took the time to type this out.  We had an amazing weekend with my sisters and their families.  Monday night after they had all left and my kiddos were tucked in and sleeping peacefully I did not bat an eye at the 256 BG reading that I got at midnight. (we celebrated a late Christmas and there was lots of yummy carb filled goodness to feast on)  I did a correction and went off to bed.  When I got up at 6 I checked the logbook to see what # Jason had gotten at 3.  (this is my usual morning routine) I was a bit perplexed to see that it was 222.  It had not gone down far from when I had given a correction at 12.  I went down to get my coffee and laid out a "daily log sheet" for Bekah to fill out (she won't let me touch it, she has to do it all) and got her vitamins out and set them next to the paper.  I didn't have my coffee in hand yet when Bekah came down and checked her BG, 356 (say what??).  I clunked a new site in her hand along with an alcohol pad faster than you can say time for a site change.  Complete site change and since ketones showed up at 0.2, I gave her an injection instead of trying to correct the HBG through the pump.  She was a little late to school as we waited for her number to come down to 300.  Her numbers continued to improve until this mama pancreas couldn't say no to that sad face that wanted "hot" lunch so badly.  That 90g carb lunch sent her BG soaring back up again but then by the time she got home form school her BG was 110.  It stayed there until bed time. 

I can't remember the number I got at midnight.  It was like 282 and I gave a correction.  At 3 my husband comes in and wakes me up.  "hey hon, what should I do with this?  I got a 456."  (WTFudgecycles)  We got her up and changed her sheets (you would probably wet the bed if your BG was that high as well) and gave her an injection.  I did another site change at 6ish. (I didn't change the insulin through) her numbers hovered in the 300s during the school day and again when she got home 96 and she stayed in the low 100s until I just checked her at 11:30 and got a 221.

I am racking my brain to figure out what is going on!!  Of all of my kids and sisters kids, 5 have had positive strep tests in the past 24 hours (my Megan and David are both in that group).  I had Bekah tested as well and hers came back negative.  The nurse explained to me that it was probably a false negative and that we should probably treat it.  I agree that something is going on in Bekah's body and I am hoping antibiotics help.  This will only be her second round of them ever. 

Could it be that her sites really are going bad (I'm thinking tunneling insulin) in less than 24 hrs?  We are barely 5 months in to pumping so if anybody has a suggestion I would love to hear it.  I keep thinking of Hallie and her princess and the week they had not long ago and Alexis and Justice and the craziness they have experienced with BG levels lately.

I am hoping for a better night...


  1. Oh WOW does that sound like my house at times! In my opinion and remember Im not a doctor ;) her nightime basals are off. Typically if J is high at midnight I increase basals from 9pm to 12pm. Then I watch that for a few days. Also our endo told us if corrections dont work those basals are off too.

    I suggest----dont hit me now--- nightime basal testing. Starting around 9ish or so. When J is growing he spikes all night but is great during the day. So it usually requires just more basal.

    Hope this helps somewhat. Have you read Pumping Insulin? Lifesaving book!

  2. I just checked out Pumping Insulin from the library and am currently reading it. I hope to get my own copy someday. I hate doing anything to those nighttime basals but just for giggles, I did a temp increase of 50% for 4 hrs. Just checked and got a 143 so I entered the same for the next 4 hours. It could be growth, the end of her honeymoon or illness. Whatever it is, increasing her night basals was right on!

  3. Hugs Heidi! Sounds like rough times for sure. A year or so into pumping Joe did have some site issues with the insets...we do have to change those out every 36 hours. It took a lot of logging and studying to figure out that it was the site. It sounds like since she is coming in target at times that it hopefully isn't a site issue and more of a basal problem.

  4. No advice to offer (MDI over here) but I will do give out free hugs! ;)

    ((BIG HUGS))

    Hope you figure it out soon.

  5. Alas, I have no wise advice to give, but I do hope it clears up as quickly as it came. Boo diabetes.

  6. I think it's more of a basal prob since she's going into range at some point. Isaac's insulin needs are pretty steep right before bedtime especially when he's going through a growth spurt.

  7. If this keeps happening for another couple days, consider she may be growing. I remember that the hours between 12 and 3 are the ones that constantly change due to hormones. Good luck! I hope things start settling soon!