Friday, January 14, 2011


Have you read THIS? (it's an interview with Nat Strand) As a mom of a type one diabetic, it really spoke to me.  Yes of course I am awe inspired by Nat.  She is amazing! To be the first all woman team to win Amazing Race is inspiring in itself but to know what she had to deal with every day of this challenge and all of the supplies that she had to find room for etc. is nothing short of amazing!

The part that really got to me was here:
DM) I have to start by asking: didn’t anybody ever tell you there are things you can’t or shouldn’t do with diabetes? NS) I remember when I was diagnosed someone said, ‘You can’t be a truck driver and you can’t be a pilot.’ So that left everything else on the list of things I could do.
My parents were very good. They never told me there was anything I couldn’t do.  I still went on vacations, I still slept over at friend’s houses, I studied abroad.

Maybe it's because she is still so young and D is new to us but a sleep over is scary enough let alone studying abroad.  Abroad like in another country where I can't just go to my local pharmacy and get supplies  and drive them to where ever she is if she happens to need them.  Abroad like if she wound up in the hospital, it would take longer than a few min or hours to get to her.

After I read the interview, I did some soul searching and decided that I need to let go of some of my fears.  I don't want my fears to EVER stand in Bekah's way of being the best that she can be!  I don't want her to ever not take a challenge head on because of me and any fears that I have instilled in her.  It is difficult knowing how close we were to losing her when she was dx but, I have to trust that God is watching over my baby girl even closer than I ever could.  He loves her more than I do and always has her best interests at heart.

Bekah probably won't want to do the Amazing Race or study abroad but I won't be the one to stand in her way of reaching her dreams!  I have never told Bekah that because of D that there were things she couldn't do.  I want to be like Nat's parents though and give my little girl all that she needs to be amazing!


  1. I think once they start doing their care without help (or without reminders in our case)... the sleepovers will get easier. I know there will be a day we will be okay when they go off(stressed maybe, but okay).

  2. Can you hear me screaming "he!! YEAH!!!" I have always been of this mind...I don't want Joe to ever hold back b/c of "D". I want him to work hard towards all of his goals...he will have to work harder than most b/c "D" requires diligence always...but that makes him and all of these children...and all the "Nats" in the world that much more inspirational in my eyes.

    Love this!

  3. As the years progress, Bekah will not only do all her own basic care, but she will also have strategies for when trouble occurs. You are a good mom and are preparing her for the day when you will not be in the picture. She will be fine, and as you see your daughter take flight, after a while you will be fine too.

  4. I think is an area where it's helped to have a husband with t1d - a man who played sports, does endurance bike rides, traveled abroad for a year, and is all around just awesome. I know d doesn't get in his way so it lets me know that Isaac has just as much opportunity to live a life full of adventure, endless dreams and whatever his heart desires!
    And our entire family loved that Nat and Kat won for so many reasons!

  5. Heidi, I had those same thoughts when I read that article!! The sleepover comment has been going around and around in my head (I recently did not allow Ally to spend the night with a friend who asked.) To be fair..she's only 7 and I am not really ready to "start that" anyway. BUT...I don't know when I'll be ready to let her go....ugh. Your words are encouraging....I'd better go do some soul searching of my own!