Monday, January 31, 2011

The cost of it all...

Diabetes can be a very expensive disease to try to manage.  Our family is very fortunate in that the insurance that we have through our state pays 100% of all medical expenses.  I do buy the lancet cartridges for the lancing device that Bekah prefers as those are not covered.  They cover one that actually hurts when you poke (ask my husband, I had him check his BG level the other day when he was feeling a bit hypoglycemic and he complained for quite a while about that little buggar)  It does seem ironic to me that one of the life saving things we need to have for Bekah also is not covered, the glucose needed to bring her out of a hypoglycemic episode.  

I had stopped at the store for some Juicy Juice as we were running low and decided to pick up some Starbursts because for some reason the Costco that I shop at has not had the big bag of them for quite some time.  Our stash of Smarties was getting low as well so I added those to the cart.  In my eyes, I was buying medicine.  The cashier I think thought otherwise.  He was very kind but gave me a look of horror when he saw all of that sugar come through his check stand.  

Starburst $3.00 a bag X 4 bags = $12.00

Smarties $2.00 a bag(on sale) X 2 bags= $4.00

Juicy Juice $2.50 for an 8 pack X 6 packs= $15.00

Knowing that my daughter has what is needed to fight the hypoglycemic episodes that are inevitable when you are dependent on insulin=  PRICELESS


  1. ugh, those judging eyes can be harsh...good thing you know the truth. I had one parent start to preach at the park one day when I said, "Isaac you need to finish your fruit snacks forget your cheese stick for a minute okay?!" I think she felt pretty sheepish once I said he has type 1 diabetes and was low. I've learned to just keep on chugging realizing that only others in the same boat get what is going on.
    There is a definite price to keep our babes safe!

  2. Our Costco has the Starbursts in a big box. When we buy one of those we are good to go for quite awhile. Only problem with the Starbursts in the winter (around here) is they are hard to chew when Joe is outside...they get real hard when cold.

    You call this D Mama for "back-up" if any one is giving you the "eye" for the sugar girl! I got your BACK! (((HUGS)))

  3. I know! Everytime I put six packages of juice into my cart and then onto the belt I feel the need to tell *everyone* "no, really, I need these for low blood sugar." I feel embarrassed because we never bought juice before dx. And now look, we're helping to keep them in business!

  4. Oh yes... Candy IS medicine! I tried a Starbust the other night because she wouldnt drink the juice and it was a big ol mess! Poor teddy caught the brunt of it. Think we'll stick to those in day time hours only! Now... if we could just by red ones!