Tuesday, August 31, 2010

school days

Well so far so good in the school department. Bekah starts school a week from tomorrow. I have met the new principal, talked with the nurse and began training some of the staff. I have the ADA coming out to the school to do some further training as well. I haven't yet met in person, but know who Bekah's teacher will be this year. I have created documents for communication between the staff and I, come up with a care plan and am putting the finishing touches on our 504 plan.

I have to send out lots of kudos and love to my friends Wendy from Candy Hearts, Reyna from Beta Buddies and Hallie from The Princess and the Pump for their help with the documents. Thank you ladies for sharing your plans etc. I was so overwhelmed until I came across the helpful information on their blogs. I can't forget Heidi over at D-Tales who just shared a great letter with me that I tweaked to share with Bekah's class.

Last school year I felt unsupported by the principal who would not meet with me, pressure from the school nurse, who is only at the school once a week, to get my newly diagnosed 6 year old to give her self shots. I was overwhelmed and scared to death to send my daughter to school at that school 6 hrs a day. I looked in to private schools, too expensive, and home school options, Bekah was not in to that idea. We looked at many houses in a different school district because they seem to handle medical issues better, none of them felt right and the ones that did we got aced out of. So I took a deep breath and decided the safest option at this school would be a pump. I fought our insurance company a we got our pump two weeks ago.

Friday as I entered the school, I felt a lump form in my throat. I was meeting with the nurse and a staff member who would be helping with the majority of Bekah's care. I was surprised that the new principal wanted to meet with us too. The extra stress of learning the pumping process and sleeplessness of an 18 month old getting eye teeth in, got to me and I had to choke back the tears in our meeting. I showed them Rebekah's care plan and went over pump basics. To my amazement the school nurse was so supportive and positive with me. She specifically requested a teacher for Bekah who has dealt with T1 families in her class in the past. I found out that not only does this 1st grade teacher have experience with D, she is a pastor's wife. I couldn't be more thrilled! I know she will be a great fit for Bekah this school year!

We are going in daily this week to meet with the office staff person that will be helping Bekah on a daily basis with her D care. Bekah is so super shy, I want her to establish a great relationship with this gal before school starts and for the office gal to not feel overwhelmed with the pump etc with everything else the first few days of school will hold.

Bekah made a picture fortelling the future of her and her teacher on the first day if school. Look at the faces and the open arms and the colors. Can you see the psychology? How is Bekah really feeling about the first day of school?

I think she is pretty darn happy and looking forward to a great year! What more could I ask? I'll do what it takes to keep that precious smile on her face!


  1. That's awesome that the school staff have all been so supportive and willing to learn. I am so happy for Bekah that she has been able to spend some time at the school before the first day. My Ally is also so shy and she needed the same thing! It made a huge difference for her :) (and me - knowing that she felt comfortable!) Sounds like it will be a great school year!

  2. Hooray! Sending the Bean to school is still too terrifying to think about. I think I'll send her to kindergarten when she's 18. :) But hearing everyone's positive experiences with school is at least prepping me for it.

  3. I am so glad they are being supportive! That makes all the difference. Your Bekah sounds like such a darling girl! I hope it is a great year for her.
    I just read about your kinky night the other night. We are having a night of crazy highs too...and we had pasta for dinner. Good grief!

  4. Awwww....thanks....believe it or not, YOU will be the next mom someone comes to as they embark on the journey of sending D to school.

    We pave the way for each other, my friend. So happy I could help...and so blessed to have pals like you!