Friday, August 13, 2010

It feels like Christmas Eve...

I am sitting here at a few minutes past midnight with visions of infusion sets and basal rates dancing in my head. Our pink One Touch Pump will be here tomorrow along with a trainer to teach us all of the new lingo and such. I'm excited and nervous all wrapped up in a ball. I know things are going to be easier with the school not being able to hassle me about skin piercing, but is the learning curve going to send me over the edge? I'm excited for Bekah to have more freedom and independence with her diabetes care. I'm nervous to let go even a little as she begins to take the reins. I'm afraid of becoming lazy. I always want to be her loudest cheerleader and biggest support in whatever life throws her way or path she chooses!

I have to give kudos to my awesome husband as he fought some pretty nasty dragons for me today! Yesterday, I got a call from the Animas rep that would be doing our training saying that we would have our pump today. The pharmacy was supposed to call me on Monday but I had not heard anything from them. I had planned to call them yesterday afternoon but didn't when I heard from Animas because I figured they had the correct information. The pharmacy called today to verify our address and my husband kindly let them know that we had a trainer set up for the following day and we needed the pump for the training. To make a long story short the pharmacy is sending the pump next day air with a 10 AM delivery at their expense.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that everything works out. The trainer is supposed to be here at 11 and the pump at 10. Talk about cutting it close! Although it won't be delivered by a man in a red suit, I am hoping and praying for a brown paper package with a beautiful pink gift inside and probably won't sleep much as anxiety and excitement fill the night air.

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  1. OMGsh!!!! SO EXCITING!!!!!

    Keep us posted :) I can hardly wait for an update!!!!!