Tuesday, August 3, 2010

camp photos

Bekah had a blast at camp! When I got there to pick her, Megan and Jason up, I saw my usually shy girl following around one of the male counselors with her disposable camera like the paparazzi.

At camp they made the parents take a backseat to D care. Only counselors and camp staff were allowed to do BG checks, give insulin and treat lows. Mostly they assisted the kids with these activities as their goal is to help the kids learn some self care at camp. We heard about at least 4 kids who gave themselves their first shot at camp. While the kids and their siblings were playing, they offered classes and discussion times for the parents.

They gave us a CD with hundreds of photos and I picked a few of Bekah's favorites to share with you. As you can see it's like just about any summer camp you'll find; they have cool counselors, crafts, games, swimming, and fun skits. This camp has two unique things about it; one is that it is the only place in the world that has a tree that grows sugarless bubblegum and the other is that they do a phenomenal job of caring for kids with diabetes while making camp FUN!

the cool counselors

the families "on the log"

according to Bekah, the coolest counselor "Ace"

craft time

game time

more games



hunting for the bubblegum tree

waiting for BG checks

a final photo before we left of my smitten little camper


  1. so sweet!! Glad she had fun :)

  2. What great pictures!! I'm so glad Bekah had a good time. I hope you enjoyed the break as well.

    Praying for just as good a time at that church camp......