Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Battle

The battle began at 11:15 PM when I checked Bekah's BG before tucking her in to bed on Friday night. We always let the kids stay up late on Fridays hoping that they will sleep in Sat morning so we might get a few extra winks ourselves. The glucometer read 256. Shoot! I must have SWAGed the cookie I gave her for a snack wrong. I give her a correction bolus and head off to bed while my husband goes to play strategy games with his buddies. It's our Friday night ritual. He is a night owl and Friday nights are the only time he takes time out for himself. He checks again at 3AM when he gets home. "Hey Hon, I got a 345, I'm gonna give her a correction bolus, when should I check again?" We decide on an hour. I decided to check the pump. 42 Units still left but the tubing is wrapped around her body so I disconnect it and fix it a little only to find her soaked and grumpy. (the grumpy I don't blame on D, who wouldn't be grumpy if woken up against your will at 3AM soaked because your BG was sky high) I fixed her bed and got back in mine. I can't sleep so I get up and update my FB status. I don't know who was up at that ungodly hour but I felt like I needed to share. At 4AM her BG was 252.

With a score of 2 to 1 (me being on the losing end) I decided to wait to get out the heavy artillery (a site change and fresh insulin) until morning. At 7:00 I woke with a start and decided to check on Bekah. I find her pump laying beside her, DISCONNECTED. I know I reconnected it after I fixed the tubing, she must have done it in her sleep. BG check 242 (sigh of relief, it could have been so much worse). I have a knot in my stomach, sick with worry that with all of the highs she might have ketones. I don't have a blood ketone monitor and I am not going to wake her up to try to get her to pee. (It is on my list of things to talk to her endo about in a few weeks). I gave her a correction bolus and got my morning coffee (so much for those extra winks). I recheck at 9:00 and got a 217. Time to pull out the big guns and get rid of that 2 that has been leading the numbers all night.

I disconnect the pump and fill it with fresh from the fridge insulin, meanwhile Bekah gets up, takes a bath and removes the old site. New site goes in and BG check is 204. (It only took me 20 min start to finish including her bath) Breakfasts is 30 carbs so I bolus for the HBG along with her meal and wait. At 2.5 hrs later BG is 128. (and the crowd goes wild, folks we have a winner!!) Take that you Damned D!!

I collapse in the recliner feeling a bit like I did after giving birth. Completely exhausted and She-rah like at the same time.


  1. I hate those long nights... but i am glad She-rah came out on top i the end ;)

  2. Ugh. We've been battling those highs at night, too. 'cept ours have been in the 300s. SO FRUSTRATING when you know you are doing everything "right". I'm so glad that you got a good number in the am! Isn't that feeling of victory so sweet? Here's to many, many more!

  3. As the commenter chants "SHE-RAH, SHE-RAH, SHE-RAH!!!" You rock girl! Sometimes that new site change spanks "d" right down to where he needs to

  4. I really don't like those nights. You go back and forth it the site? it the insulin? it the SWAG gone wrong?

    Glad that things bounced back in place so quickly.