Sunday, August 1, 2010


Where I live we have Gales Creek Camp just an hour or so away. I have heard nothing but praises about this camp since Bekah was dx. We decided since she is so shy and we are not ready to let her be away overnight let alone a week, that we'd do family camp this year. Josh was already going to be gone that weekend to rafting camp with his best friend and their church youth group. I signed up 3 people. There were not accommodations for anyone under 3 and David would need either Mommy or Daddy to stay with him.

Today, I dropped of my girls and husband at camp. I decided that with him still nursing that I needed to stay with David and Jason could be with the girls. I was invited to hang out for the afternoon but David was being his usual, loud, busy toddler self and it was best for us to head home after getting the rest of the family checked in and meeting the camp staff.

Family camp is only about a 30 hour preview of the real deal. Here I sit, 15 hours with out thinking about BG levels, insulin to carb ratios and food for the most part. Ah what a nice break. I'm sitting here holding a sleeping baby and not worried about how I am going to put him down with out waking him to check Bekah's BG. I haven't had to worry about keeping him distracted so I could help Bekah with an injection or worry about making sure her Lantus is given to her at a certain time. I was able to eat dinner and then after a while get out the ice cream for David and I (rice dream because he has dairy allergies) with out worrying about Bekah wanting some and how it was going to effect her BG.

I miss my man and my girls a ton! The house is WAY too quiet! One day though is about all I can handle and just what I needed =). I can't wait to hear about all of the fun they had and how excited they will be to go back next year. I am actually contemplating sending Bekah next year for the week. We are hoping to coordinate weeks with a friend. I can't think about it just yet though.


  1. It's so nice to get some quiet time, isn't it? Glad you got a few hours with your sweet boy.

  2. I'm so glad you're enjoying this quiet time!!! What a blessing.

    You take full advantage of it and don't you dare let any guilt slip in!

    Enjoy, Sweet Friend!

  3. I would so love some quiet time :)
    good for you!!