Thursday, July 1, 2010

Confident Strength

I have a dear friend who has a business called Wordz of Life. She started it when she was in a place of great pain and desperately needed healing. God impressed on her heart to begin to stitch His words in red and there would be healing as she stitched. The first project that God gave her was to take all of the pastors at our church and make them each a family plaque. She was to stitch each child's name in the family under the parents' names and then God would give her His word for that child. These are not the meaning of their name but what God sees in them.

She does all kids of other stitching too. Many times God will have her stitch a word on a heart snippet and give that word to someone. Her main goal with her business is not to make money but to bless others with God's word. She has found incredible healing along the way.

I have always wanted a family plaque done by her but by the time I was about to order one, surprise, I was pregnant with David. A few weeks after David was born she surprised me with one. I had her stitch out verses that I thought were supposed to go on each of my children's pillows too. Now I'm thinking they are to be framed and hung above their bed. These verses were not hand picked by me. I prayed and she prayed and God gave us the references. It was odd because although I was confident in the ones we had for Josh and Megan, Bekah's didn't quite fit. My friend "knew" that this was Bekah's verse. It comes from Proverbs 31.

"You, Bekah are clothed with strength and dignity and you laugh with no fear of the future. When you speak, your words are wise, and kindness is the rule when you give instructions."

When I saw the family plaque, (see photo below) I could agree completely with each of the words God had given her for my children, except for Bekah's. She is quiet and painfully shy, because of that I worry sometimes about her confidence. Each time I would look at it I would thank God that that is how He sees her even if I don't get it yet. After Bekah was dx with T1D, and we were home from the hospital, I took another look at that plaque. As I did, tears ran down my face because I now knew what He had known all along. She may be quiet and shy but inside my Bekah is Confident Strength!


  1. What a most beautiful gift of love. Treasure it always.

  2. I love this!

    God will continue to grow Bekah in His confident strength. He has a plan! He's going to use D for his glory in both Bekah and Matthew.

    You know....we should just go ahead and arrange their marriage. They both love the Lord, will know all about diabetes, and hey--you'd be a great mom-in-law! LOL!!

  3. What a touching post, and a beautifully touching gift. I'm sure the plaque will be a cherished family treasure always!

  4. Thank you for taking the time to pray for us! You are a blessing and I'm so happy to get to know you better! : )

  5. Very sweet... After taking her shots herself and coping very well with a brand new diagnosis of T1D, Bekah is definitely brave and strong! That's a wonderful plaque.