Tuesday, June 29, 2010

David works the D

David is my very busy 16 month old. He has figured out at his young age that when mommy is busy giving Bekah insulin or carb counting that I can't multi task very well. There has been more than one occasion when I have accidentally left a container of baby wipes on the floor just asking to be emptied. He is quick too. Before you can say bolus he has the entire container in a giant wad on the floor. Toilet paper is his other favorite. If a roll is left with in his reach, when I am other wise occupied (usually with D stuff), it's a goner, strewn all over the house. (Maybe it's pay back for t.p.ing my youth pastor's house when I was a teen.) He latest trick is to grab "poke poke" (Bekah's lancing device that we affectionately call Hokey Pokey) when no one is looking and R U N as fast as his little legs will take him giggling all the way. This little guy definitely gives me a run for my money. He is such a happy little guy though it's hard to get angry even for a minute.

Caught in the act =)


  1. I think David and Nate would get into A LOT of trouble together if they had the chance!! :)

  2. first of all... he is sooo super cute. It's almost like he's looking to see if the coast is clear.

    And hello... YOU t.p.ed your youth pastor's house??!! Nice!!

    Thanks for the smile :)

  3. That little face! I've had little boys do just the same thing. So many memories. You will for sure miss these times!

  4. Laura, I'm originally from Texas and still have relative there so there may be a chance that those two could find their way into some trouble making together. I'll let you know if we ever plan to be in the area. It would be a riot for sure =)

  5. You are building such happy memories! What a cutie! : )

  6. Hahaha! That face is HILARIOUS! He looks so guilty.

    We are blessed with happy babies/toddlers, who bring us out of our funks. God is good.