Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A day at the coast

Good morning friends! Thank you so much for all of your kind, sweet words on my blog yesterday. I appreciate your support and prayers so much. Life with a busy family of 6 has it's ups and downs and then you throw in D and some days it all gets overwhelming. I realized this morning that I had pictures on my camera that I had not even uploaded to my computer, much less blogged about.

One of the nice things about where we live is depending on your mood, you are less than a two hour drive from just about everything. Skiing in the mountains is just a hop, skip and a jump in one direction and spending a day at the ocean is a small jaunt in another. We decided on a whim one Sunday a couple of weeks ago to pack up and go to the beach.

The place we chose was Cannon Beach. It is the place where the old movie "Goonies" was filmed. We started the day out early so we could try to catch some tide pools. We did find some pools and a few crabs but not much else of interest. We think there was a dead sealion up a ways from where we were but I would not let the kids get close enough to see if he was just napping.

The famous Haystack Rock as seen in "Goonies"

Once we could pry David from the sand and surf, we moved on to a few other activities. Most little boys dream come true is sand and water in the same place where Mom says "go for it" and you can get dirty to your hearts content. He didn't want to leave and was not understanding that we would be coming back. We hit the promenade and did some geocaching along the way. We window shopped and even let the kids spend a couple of bucks in the candy store and toy store.

After all of the activity and the fact that it was snack time I figured that letting Bekah have a 20ish carb candy wouldn't do any harm. Her lunch BG was 290 oops, guess I was wrong. We corrected and ate the picnic lunch I had packed. Then it was back down to the beach for some more splash time.

If you have never been to the Oregon coast I should tell you that the water is C-O-L-D! I'm even shivering as I type this thinking about it. The kids played and played. At one point I began to get concerned that we should check Bekah's BG. She was at 63. (where is that candy from the candy store when I need it). She actually did have some left and was happy to partake in some sugary goodness to bring her back up in range.

We finished out the day by eating a yummy dinner at one of the local diners. It was one we had not tried before. I had a yummy salad and Josh had fish that he loved, but Jason and Meg said the burger was just ok. David enjoyed his "chicken-chicken" and "fre-fries". (I love hearing kids learn to talk).

Here are a few of the pictures that I took. I was so busy just taking in the day that I almost forgot to whip out the camera.

the kids playing in the water (brrr)

random pics (Josh is under the towel taking a nap and David had to get a snuggle in)


  1. These are the glorious days to remember, diabetes be damned! Bekah won't remember she was high or low. She'll just remember a great day with her family.

  2. I love the collage of pictures. So nice!

    Geocaching sounds so adventurous. Matthew would love something like that!

    Oh, and don't feel too bad about the 290. We had a 273---oops today!

    Correct and move on! : )

  3. I loved Goonies... haven't see it in forever :)

    Thanks for sharing your day with us... looks like you guys had a great time.

  4. We love our trips to the beach...even though we are only a half hour away, we don't go too often. The mess is my biggest issue! I love that you had a nice carefree, (well almost) day at the beach. My boys always say that is the best thing about diabetes...the treats for lows!

  5. The Goonies...LOVE IT!!!

    Really, I just looooove that movie! I love the pictures and am soooo happy that you and your family had such a wonderful time! Those moments are truly special and worth remembering :)

  6. What a great time!!! Love the Goonies!