Monday, July 26, 2010

Party Time

Sunday was Bekah's birthday. I wanted to do a special party for her. Having a summer birthday makes it hard to invite school friends and people go on vacation etc. Being the third child, we have not always put huge effort in to a party for her. Megan also has a July birthday so two birthdays in one month gets a little spendy.

Build-a-Bear workshop is fairly inexpensive and has the added bonus of not allowing food. (I thought if it as a bonus anyway) Each child goes home with a bear so there is no need for treat bags either. So that is where we went.

After the party we had a yummy dinner of Bekah's favorites that we shared with some of our best friends. Mac-n-cheese, corn and watermelon (my girl loves her carbs). We followed it up with chocolate cake and vanilla ice cream.

You are probably wondering what her numbers looked like esp after such a carb heavy meal. Well it wasn't pretty. I rounded way down when I gave her dinner bolus and she still hit 51 an hour or so after we finished eating. We corrected and gave her a 15ish carb snack with protein. At the 3 AM check she was at 377! Talk about a roller coaster!

Here are a few pics from the day.


  1. Bekah looks so happy in these pictures!! Hope all is well today! : )

  2. Ahh, I love it! She such a strong little girl! ya'll are awesome! ♥

  3. I love that party idea! We used to have one around here...but it up and went with many many other stores in the California economy toilet!

    I'm glad she had such a special day!