Friday, July 23, 2010

Sucker punch

I just got the wind knocked out of me! I had heard from the Animas rep that our insurance company would cover the Ping 100%. I was so excited!! With the crazy week I have had it was my silver lining. I was just waiting for that beautiful pink pump to come in the mail. I just got a call from the third party pharmacy that we have to go through that it was denied. DENIED! What about school?? The pump was my answer to their skin piercing issues. I had a melt down on the phone with the pharm. Then called the insurance company in tears. I filed an appeal. Now I wait...

Here is a note I sent to my prayer warrior friends. I know many if you are the praying type so I petition you as well.

Thank-you for your continued prayers for Bekah. We are facing quite a conundrum as school approaches. Bekah will be at school 6 hrs a day in the fall and will need at least one if not 2 insulin injections during that time. She is getting good at giving her self shots but not so good that I am comfortable with her doing all of them at school with out proper supervision. She is only (almost) 7! There is only a nurse at the school one day a week to help her. Otherwise she is on her own unless I am there everyday and then there is the task of keeping a very busy one year old safely occupied as I administer the injections. We thought the answer to this was an insulin pump. I just heard back from our insurance company that the pump was denied for Bekah. I am appealing this decision. I also know when I am at the end of me and don't have the answers that Papa God does. I am not asking you to pray that we get approved but for wisdom and direction. Is there something here I am not seeing?? His ways are higher than my ways and His thoughts higher than mine.

My prayer is, "Show me Lord, Your will, and let it be done to the glory and honor of Your name!"

Thanks so much!


Heidi =)


  1. I'm so sorry you are going through this right now, I can understand your frustration and fears. Praying that it all works out and you get that beautiful pink pump that you were hoping for.


  2. that just doesn't make sense!! How can it be approved and then denied??? NO.SENSE.AT.ALL!!

    Hang in thee Heidi. You will find your way :)

  3. I have to go through a third party distributor for Grace's supplies as well, and I never seem to get the same story from them that I do from my insurance company. Keep up with the appeal. I've heard that insurance companies hate appeals so much that often if someone goes through the trouble to file one it will be put through. Good Luck and Lots of Hugs!

  4. I'm sorry it was denied and you have to go through this hassle. Most insurance companies do deny the first time. Especially if it's been less than a year since dx. I would keep pushing it though. Prayers.

  5. That is so frustrating - I am so sorry!
    We had a similar experience. The 3rd party called to tell me the insurance had denied it, the insurance people wouldn't tell me why and just told me to wait for the letter to come in the mail that would explain why, the letter didn't say why it was denied...blah blah blah.

    Finally the 3rd party called the insurance back and someone at the insurance company had entered Emma's diagnosis code incorrectly. So they didn't want to pay for an insulin pump for a child that they didn't think had diabetes. Is there any chance that it has been some sort of clerical error? Can your Dr. write letters of medical necessity? I will pray for you guys.