Friday, June 25, 2010

Big events

First off I just want to say thanks for all of the kind words of encouragement. You all lifted my spirits and made me feel a ton better after our bad visit with the CDE. You gals ROCK!! It also helps that I made no changes to Bekah's regimen and her numbers were beautiful. I knew once the infection was gone we'd be back on track. From now on I will try to be better at turning off my ears when someone tries to discourage. "La la la la -I can't hear you discouragers" =)

Big event number one- Last night was Bekah's first sleepover with a friend. (At our house of course) Fun times! We discovered that the girls' birthdays are just a day apart and made some plans for a special girl time birthday. Bekah is not big on big parties so we decided this year we would just take one friend out for a mani/pedi and lunch. Bekah's b-day is exactly one month from today. If we have the money, I might just have to treat my self to a pedi too. I can't wait! =)

Big event number two- For you to see that this was indeed a big event for us, I feel like I need to let you in on Bekah's personality a little. Bekah is a sweet, shy, sensitive little girl. She likes knowing what is expected of her so she can do what is right. I have had to discipline her very little. She is just a good kid. Sometimes I wonder where she came from. Although I love them the same I can't say this of my other kids. They are your typical kids and get in to trouble their share of the time. Not bad kids by any stretch but you know kids. If Bekah has downfalls they are that she can be a little over sensitive (she gets that from me) and she doesn't like to talk about her feelings etc (I'm a stuffer so maybe she gets that from me too). Each time I have brought up the idea of a pump she has shied away. I don't want to push an agenda on her but I want her to be informed as to what is out there for her in managing diabetes. I want her to feel confident and comfortable with what ever method she chooses. I have shown her pictures of kids wearing their pumps and the pretty colors they come in. (Addy is our favorite since the girls are just a few weeks apart) We have a friend whose 6 yr old daughter was dx at 14 months and she is pumping so she has shown us her pump and how it works. I know that being at school 6 hrs a day next year, having a pump will make it so much easier for both Bekah and I. I want to hear her voice on the whole thing though. It's her body and she is the one who is suffering from this disease. There are times when as mom I just have to make the decision. This is one that I will not just jump to with out her input though.

The past few weeks each time I get the syringe out to give Bekah her Lantus, she squirms or complains a little. The first complaints I have heard from her since we got home from the hospital. We have had some weird numbers at night that require me to mix the Novalog and Lantus into the syringe as to have to only give one poke. (I hate mixing- makes me so nervous and then I second guess for the rest of the night if I did it right) A couple of nights ago, Bekah stood up, put her hands on her hips and boldly said, "I want a pump!" I am so proud of her!! Not for choosing the pump but for voicing her opinion and so boldly. It was not aggressive because she doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body but precise and bold. GO BEKAH!!


  1. Go Bekah!! Get that girl a pump! I'm proud of her's a big decision. You were an awesome mom to let her make that leap herself!

  2. I would have made the phone call as soon as she said those sweet words!!

    It took Justin a while to decide he wanted one too. We Just started on Monday :) It has been so nice not to mix insulin. AND the other day we were out and about from early in the morning and decided to just grab dinner because we messed around longer than we planned... there have been so many times that we have had to come home and eat a little late because we didn't bring along the insulin.
    It was the most BEAUTIFUL thing EVER!!

    I bet once she has it... she will love it. Tell her you guys can just try it and if she wants... you will go right back on shots.

    It's worth a try :)

  3. Go Bekah! I'm so happy that she is talking to you about her thoughts and desires.

    I realized last night that Matthew isn't really doing that. He's such a guy....doesn't want to talk about his feelings at all.

    But this is one subject where I think he needs to come out of his shell a I can help him with the tough parts. Need to pray about this.

    Anyway.....enough of my thinking here.....go Bekah!

  4. Yay Bekah! Good for her for making such a grown-up decision.

  5. Hooray! I think she will love it!

  6. It is so nice to "meet" you! T just started pumping about a week and a half ago and he is loving it! And so am I! It has only been about five months since T was diagnosed and I still remember what it was like to not plan meals and activities. T is a snacker and it was really hard on injections. He felt restricted all the time. The pump has been a great tool for us. Good for Bekah for standing up for herself and making her own decision. And good for you for giving her the choice and the power. Awesome job! Keep us posted!