Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Doin' the Insulin

I am one of those crazy people that will spontaneously break out in song and dance in the middle of the kitchen just to lighten the mood. I have even been found chasing my kids around with a farting elbow (don't ask). I have done my best to keep the same light mood with D. We do stickers and prizes for almost everything. I had Bekah put stickers on her lancing device and eventually got her to name it. She chose "Hokey Pokey". The lancets that go in Hokey Pokey are simply "Lance". Her meter is "Mator the meter" and the strips are "Tips the strips". It keeps the not so fun daily D stuff positive. One day when I thought we were all about to loose it I made up a song and dance called "doin' the Insulin". We don't do it every day but it does put a smile on Bekah's face when she is not so much in the mood for D.

Please excuse the messy playroom in the back ground and the shaky camera, I was dancing. I was going to try to re-record this and have had this archived for quite a while but I needed a laugh tonight. (I'll catch you up in a couple of days on our first D sick days.) Here you get to officially meet my precious little Bekah and hear the real voice behind my blog. Enjoy!


  1. That was too cute!!! Thanks for sharing, your daughter is adorable :)

    I may have to make up our own insulin song now for my girls!

  2. Very cute!! I showed Gabriel it and he asked if we were going to "her" house. Wish we could. Keep up the positive attitude!! Love you guys!! Sarah

  3. She is such a cutie!! You are so awesome for making diabetes as fun as it can be. We don't have special names for things...but we do dance and make up songs, or at least I do...a lot. :)

  4. "I WANT TO EAT".....HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

    Beautiful daughter :)

    PS -- LOVE the name Hokey Pokey! Cute!

  5. I love that you make things silly to keep it positive. Sorry we didn't get to see the dance, but I understand about stage fright. :) I might have to come up with a song and dance too - who cares if I'm 42 years old!! LOL