Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kindergarten graduation

Bekah was a sick little girl this week but the antibiotics did their job and she was able to get back to school today, just in time for graduation.

After walking in to Pomp and Circumstance, the children each stood to tell what they learned this year. Bekah says here that she learned to count to 100. (she is very shy and has a quiet voice). I wish I would have kept the camera rolling because the girl next to her said the same and the boy that was after her said, he learned to count to 200. LOL Kids are so cute.

Next the teacher called each name and handed out the diplomas.

And finally...

I was so proud of my self for not crying during the ceremony. Have you heard of the toddler rules? For me it applies to crying. When Bekah brought home the announcement that she would be having a graduation celebration I cried. As we sat at the bus stop this afternoon, I cried. This was such a monumental moment for Bekah. She has come so far and gone through so much this year. I'm so glad to have gotten her to this moment. We came so close to losing her in March, and my heart was overjoyed to get to celebrate this day with her.

Here is Bekah on the first day of school and then today with her teacher. Only 2 more very short days and summer break will begin.


  1. So glad she made it to the graduation!

    Yea! : )

  2. My little guy graduated kindergarten too this year. He's my last kindergartener, and I managed not to was really close though. Congrats! I'm glad she was well enough to attend!

  3. My oldest graduated from kinder too! Bittersweet.
    I'm so glad Bekah was feeling better so that you could attend!!!!!!!

  4. That's so wonderful that she felt better and was able to attend her graduation! I can only imagine how emotional it is for the parents to see your little one celebrate such a special milestone :)

    My oldest will be starting kindergarten this fall and I am already emotional just thinking about it, this will be the first time we will be apart for longer then an hour at a time...and with T1D added to the pot it adds an extra layer of fear and sadness for me.

    Congratulations Bekah!!! I am so happy for you :)

  5. SO PROUD OF YOU, BEKAH!!!!!!! Addy is a kinder grad too :)