Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Things I never thought I would ever say ....

Some days I have to have a good laugh or I'll loose it to all of the seriousness that D brings my way. Here are a few of the things that I never thought I'd ever say to my daughter. D has a fun side too =) Enjoy!

"Make sure you finish ALL of that cake, especially the frosting" (I had already given her a bolus for the whole thing- 30ish carbs worth)

"You can't have dinner until you eat your candy" (she was low before dinner and I like to make sure her numbers are good before giving insulin)

"Go run around like a wild animal" (a high BG level but not high enough to want to correct for with insulin)

"You have to stay up late tonight" (running high or low take your pick both have happened where we need to get it under control before sending her to bed)

"You have to play hookie from school today" (BG level was high and she becomes emotional when high so I kept her home)

"You NEED to eat that candy" (to bring BG level back to normal)

"You are high" (never thought I would say this to one of my children and taken out of context is funny you have to admit)

"Peanut butter pickle sandwiches with clowns on top" (PB Sandwiches was our saying from the hospital when she would get a poke and every now and then we mix it up or try to get her to laugh when she is having a hard time)

Ok I bet you have a few too. I'd love to hear them.


  1. I still bug my brother..."drink 16 ounces of water and then run around the house 10 times and THEN we'll get a reading." My grandma, who has an adjoined apartment to my dad's house, buys sugar soda (half a can is 15 carbs)just for Jeffrey. If he gets low, he grabs one and we check again 10 minutes later. He loves telling us he's high. My husband goes off into a whole "just say no" speech and it cracks him up. He's not only diabetic, but has Ausperger's and has a fabulous sense of humor.

  2. Reminds me of this funny exchange a few weeks after Addy was diagnosed with celiac :)


  3. Those are so funny - and only another diabetic or d-parent would understand. When I was still on injections (pre-pump) before dinner my husband used to always ask "Did you shoot up?" LOL

  4. My husband always asks me "How's the BS?" Of course, I know this means Blood Sugar, but I always wonder what other people may be thinking . . .

  5. I always get a kick out of reading these! My favorite is...
    Forget the chicken nuggets, you can't play on the playground until you eat all your fries!

  6. We get a lot of looks for the "high" comment. "Is he high?" "Are you high" "do you feel high" "Maybe your high."

  7. LOL, I think I have said a few of these things myself! Never would of thought that I would tell my girls they needed to finish those skittles!

    Or ask them if they were high?! Diabetes sure changes things in more ways then one.