Sunday, May 23, 2010


I am so fired!

Last Saturday at midnight, after watching a movie with my hubby, I realized I had forgotten to give Bekah her Lantus. I scrambled to get it to her in her sleep and breathed a sigh of relief once we got it in her system. Oops! A huge blunder that I vowed to NEVER make again. The rest of the week we had to cut back by a half an hour each night to give her the Lantus. (it stays in the system about 24 hrs)

Tonight we went out to dinner to celebrate my husband's birthday. The last time we were at a restaurant, Bekah cried because she didn't want a diet drink. Tonight I was determined to avoid that so when the waiter asked for our drink order I told Bekah whatever she wanted was fine. After our order was taken we discovered there was a "light" version and some one made the comment that "oh that comes in light too". Tears from Bekah. She wanted the light version. We got it all worked out and our server went to dutifully find the carb count for the light strawberry lemonade for me.

Bekah ordered mac-n-cheese with oranges. Easy to count plus she wanted some of my fries too. I counted leaving room for a few fries and gave her the needed bolus. I was stressed about how it would all turn out because we have had these random numbers in the 300s and she went in to dinner a little high (207).

On the way home my husband decided that he wanted a peach pie for dessert. Ugh! I had not taken dessert into consideration when I gave Bekah her insulin. I decided that we should wait until it would be Bekah's snack time any way and then I'd give her the choice of a 15 carb piece of pie or an extra poke. She decided on the 15 carbs. I was feeling proud that we had finally gotten Bekah's Lantus back to a reasonable hour for a good bed time (8:45).

Since Bekah had decided that 15 carbs of the pie was what she wanted, I became a master pie sculptor while she tested her BG level. I was nervous about her number because dinner was just my best guess and we rarely eat out. I peeled off the top and butt of the crust and measured what I guessed to be about 15 carbs of gooey peach filling with a bit of bottom crust. Her number was 146! Oh yeah I rock!

I then got David ready for his bath because he had spilled red juice down his front and his little belly was stained. We played with boats and nesting cups in the tub. He brushed his teeth while I got his jammies on. Then I nursed him to sleep while I caught up on blogs and FB. Feeling rather sleepy I said good night to my hubby and came back up to bed. I noticed that Bekah had fallen asleep on the couch. He said he would get her to bed.

3:00- time to check Bekah's BG. 386!!! What? I cursed the pie and then I realized as my throat sank into the bottom of my stomach and my stomach to my knees that I had forgotten her Lantus. AGAIN! Only a week later!

I stink as a pancreas and feel like a heel of a mother! I couldn't sleep so here I am at 4AM blogging so I don't loose my mind. I am so fired! But I have to re-hire myself again in the morning because even if I stink I'm what she has got. :(


  1. You don't stink at this job it is just very difficult to be an organ of the body. I never really thought about how amazing my pancreas is until my daughter's wasn't doing it's job anymore and I had to be the substitute. I'm willing to bet that no one thinks about their pancreas unless they have to. We D mom's have our hands full and some days are good and some days stink!!
    Also, S has had D for 4 years and last week decided she was giving up mac and cheese for life! :) Unless I make it myself with dreamfields pasta her blood sugar goes really high and she feels terrible. She decided that it's just not worth it. I have been waiting a long time for her to say that and now I will hold her to it!!

  2. Hi there :)
    I just found your blog through Hallie's.
    I do believe your gonna have to do a whole lot more than that to get fired my friend. Most of us have forgotten insulin and if someone hasn't... well then they haven't had D long ;)

    I look forward to reading more about you.

  3. UH OH...Never say never with the big D. Mistakes are what remind up that we are human...not organs. Trust me friend, we ALL have been there. Don't beat yourself up...she is fine! And all is well. :)

  4. Being a human pancreas is a near impossible task. Just remember that none of this is your fault and you are doing everything humanly possible. If the above was cause for being fired, we all be out of jobs.