Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My (our) biggest supporter (Diabetes blog week day 3 )

Two months ago my sweet little girl was diagnosed with T1D. I have to say that she has been my biggest supporter in all of this. She is a champ! Rarely complains about a finger prick or a shot. She reminds me when I forget something and has taken over much of the job of managing her diabetes. Neither of us are ready for her to take the full reins yet but she amazes me! She does her BG checks almost entirely on her own now. She puts then needle on the pen and "gets it ready" meaning she primes the needle and dials up the selected amount for her injection. She changes "Lance" (the lancet on her lancing device) on her own.

I would also say that for both of us those that have gone before us have made a huge impact. Even if they are only a few months ahead of us on this crazy journey called diabetes. The parents and children with T1D and some adults with T1D have been amazing! Bekah's favorite two are Ella, a little girl her age who has been on her journey for 5 years (since she was a year old) and Holly, a diabetes educator at the hospital who has T1D. After our last visit with Holly, Bekah on two occasions almost gave herself a shot. If she wasn't afraid of doing it in her tummy she would have done it by now I'm sure. It is so awkward to try to give yourself a shot in the arm. She got super close twice though. Holly showed her how to do it by placing your arm on your knee and then the next time Bekah needed a shot wanted to try it herself. She got the needle to the skin and then couldn't go any further. I would definitely say that Holly had been amazing for Bekah! We have a few more education appt.s and I am hoping to be able to see Holly for all of them because Bekah has connected so well with her.

D is a family thing in our home. My husband is awesome! He gives Bekah her injections when she would prefer him do it. If he is home she at least wants to sit on his lap. I couldn't do this with out him by my side. He does the 2 AM checks because he is a night owl and I already get up to nurse David a couple of times a night. Our other kids are pretty great at understanding the changes we have had to make and especially how important it is to not eat in front of Bekah and trying to help her be brave. Megan especially. Meg even "told off" the neighbor girl for eating a Popsicle in front of Bekah the other day. Anything we do or go through is a family thing in our home so D is no different. I'm so proud of my family for the way they have rallied together.


  1. Having a family united in this cause is a blessing. It for sure is a family affair around here too...and I am so thankful for that!

  2. God bless your journey. I've been walking this road with my oldest daughter for almost 5 years.

    There are a bunch of moms on Facebook if you're looking to connect with other moms who get it.

    You can find us here:!/group.php?gid=115286298509368&ref=ts

    Most of us have blogs -- there's a lengthy list of links listed on my site.

    God bless this journey...and your wonderful family.