Tuesday, September 28, 2010

6 month endo visit

It has been just over six months since Bekah was dx with T1D. You can read her dx story here. Our first A1C (I say our because D is a team thing. She is so little that she can not do all of the D care on her own and with out her cooperation I can not do my part) on her dx day was 15.1! I didn't know what an A1C was at that time but I could tell by the way it was relayed to me that 15.1 was bad.

The doc and CDE's gave us the tools we needed and followed up with us regularly. I have a thirst for knowledge and passion for my kids so I began to research and learn all I could about managing D. I have had some very bad days and some not so bad days. I have felt like a blind folded monkey could do a better job as a pancreas than I could. I have fought highs and battled lows. Our first endo appt after 3 months revealed an A1C of 7.6. I was delighted at how well my daughters body had responded to my efforts at replicating her pancreas. I have so much respect for the intricacies of the human body and what a fully functioning pancreas does (are you listening Mr Pancreas? I said respect and I would respect you even more if you decided to start working again, hint hint)

The next 3 months included Bekah giving herself shots, and pumping insulin along with more research and learning. I have to say I'm not sure where I would be with out all of you who read and comment on my blog and you other bloggers out there. I learn so much from you! The thing I think I appreciate most is that you all have bad days too but you keep trying and striving to do better and be better and you inspire me to do the same. I know Bekah's A1C won't always be as good as the one we had today and I know that really I only had a smidgin to do with it, but for today I'll take it.

Today was Bekah's 6 month endo appt. and her A1C was (drum roll please)............6.8. I am ecstatic! It is a number I was hoping for down the road maybe. This is with minimal lows (with exception of the slug fiasco) It was my goal number but I would have been happy with anything under 8.2. I had my range and decided I could cry if we got anything higher than 8.2 or lower than 6.3. (At her age I would really question even a 6.3, I would think I was missing lows somewhere) I don't want to get too hung up on numbers but an A1C does give a lot of information and clues to how well D is being managed.

Today was like Christmas too! We walked away with some very nice parting gifts. My purse is now sporting a new purple one-touch mini and we have in our hot little hands a blood ketone meter. Now to get the pharmacy and the insurance company to speak the same language and get the strips to us. That is another battle all together and a blog for a different day. For today, I feel like we have a fresh place to keep going from. I know the next three months will have their own challenges but I have filled my brain with what I need to know and have the tools in my belt to keep my daughter healthy (I hope and pray), now it's time to really work on getting my health back (another blog for another day).


  1. A BIG HIGH FIVE AND A BELLY BUMP TO YOU HEIDI!!! You, Bekah, and the family have done a terrific job. Keep up the good work. Don't you love Endo days? It feels like the slate is wiped clean and ready for another 3 months.