Sunday, November 18, 2012


The needs in my family right now are many.  They are intense and require a lot of attention.  I long to walk beside each one, intimately and intensely caring for each need that arises almost like an ICU nurse would do.  Where the rest of the world is sort of shut out and I am left to focus on the one child and his or her needs until they become stable.

Alas I am just one mommy and I am forced to play triage.  I go from one crisis to the next and then back again giving what I can at the time to avert the crisis.  It is exhausting.  I am not strong enough to take it all on.

There is One who is though and I am so thankful that when I am weak He is strong and while I can't be everywhere at once He is omnipresent.   This week I have been overwhelmed and have not been relying on God's strength to get me through.  I have been reminded that my mere humanity will never be enough to meet all of the needs of my family.  

I found this song yesterday by one of my favorite artists.  I love it, its so fitting for me right now.  I hope you will take a moment to enjoy it.

On another note David has decided that everyone needs a pair of eye cases to protect your eyes when you go in a skyscraper.  You know those skyscrapers can be hard on the eyes.  ;)

 Bekah made a Thankful Turkey all on her own. (from pinky to thumb the fingers/feathers read: my family, my house, my dog, insulin, my pump)

Megan finished her first session of horse camp.  (Its a therapeutic program that Catholic Community Services paid for her to attend)  She fell in love with a horse named Maddy

There is beauty in the midst of the crisises and I am resolved this week to keep my eyes on the beauty and not the crisis at hand.