Monday, September 27, 2010

Bekah and the slug

I apologize for my blogging silence. Bekah's class size was at 29 the first few weeks of school and even the most awesome teacher (which we have this year) can't keep up with 29 first graders and D. I have been hanging out at the school most days so that I am right there if they need help with anything. They got a new first grade teacher and now there are only 21 kids in Bekah's class. So today I'm hoping to not have to go to the school. On top of that I came down with the cold of all colds. Stuffy head, fever etc. I have been reading all of your blogs but rarely is my brain functioning well enough to leave a comment and then the couple of times I did try I forgot to type in the crazy security word at the bottom.

Thursday night the kids were getting ready for bed. PJs, check, teeth brushed, check, flossed and fluoride rinse, check, check. Bekah went to grab her library book from her back pack and came running back into the living room screaming at the top of her lungs. She threw herself down on the couch and screamed and cried and screamed some more. My husband and I were able to barely get out of her that there was a slug on her back pack. We thought maybe she was just seeing things but he checked and sure enough there was that horrid creature in all of his glory sitting on Bekah's back pack. Of all places for there to be a slug, a spider would have been better! Bekah is not a drama queen (I do have a couple of those in my house) nor is she afraid of a lot of things but slugs (and worms) are her worst nightmare. The very few times that she has had screaming fits have been over those slimy little creatures!

I'm not sure how the blasted thing even got in the house and any other place in the house would have been a better hang out unless you thrive on a little girl's panic laden screams. It took all of 20 minutes to get her to calm down. I knew with all of that adrenalin pumping through her that her BG had either spiked to the moon or crashed. Not sure which I would have preferred, it's kind of a lose-lose situation. A BG check revealed a 51. A juice box and 15 min, 114. 10 minutes later Bekah comes padding back down "I feel low" Sure enough 62. it took several treatments to get her BG back in to a safe range. By the time we got her BG stable, her teeth brushed again and her sweet little self tucked into bed it was 11:00 PM.

My plan was to let her sleep in and take her to school a little late. I figured she needed the sleep and it would be better for her to have a non-rushed morning. As I walked by her room toward the stairs to go down and get my coffee I was surprized to see her sitting on the floor. She was in a chipper mood and wanted to go to school at the regular time and ride the bus. So we got ready and went off to school. (Her BG hung out at just over 200 all night and her fasting BG was 208 totally understandable for what she had just been through) I gave her her breakfast and correction bolus and sent her on her way. I figured that was the last of the effects that darn slug would have. I was getting ready to walk the 3 miles up to the school so I could be there to help Bekah with hot lunch when I get a call from her teacher telling me that Bekah's BG was over 400 at 9:45. I raced up to the school (so much for my walk). I made the necessary corrections and hung out for most of the rest of the day to make sure all was well. I'm sure now that 400+ BG was a rebound from the night before. Stupid slug, go pick on someone your own size!


  1. I Agree..(Scream)slugs and worms..Yuck! ♥♥ :)

  2. Ah, you already know I am with Bekah on this one. Although, I wish I could have been the one to scream over it, my beta cells would have taken care of sorry that you and Bekah had to endure so much due to that little slime-ball!!! Yeah, pick on someone your own size - SLUG!

  3. I would have been right there with her. Slugs are disgusting!! If I found one in my purse, it wouldn't be a pretty sight!

  4. Yuck! That would have totally grossed me out! Poor kiddo!

    As much as you'd rather not spend the day at school with Bekah, consider yourself lucky. Parents are considered intrusions at my kids' school, and even with D, I'm not a welcomed guest, unless there's some volunteer post for me, like stuffing folders or checking reading logs.

    Hope you're feeling better!