Thursday, March 8, 2012

2 years...

I can't not believe that it has been 2 years since I looked on my frail baby girl and heard the doctor say words like severe ketoacidosis and diabetes.  2 years ago I was naive.  Today I know things I never would with out that day.  I know that I am much stronger than I ever knew I could be, I know how to rely on God's strength in ways I never thought possible.  Thanks to diabetes I have become a more compassionate person and have grown a backbone as well.  I have experienced righteous anger like never before and know the joy of seeing euglycemic numbers appear on the screen of a glucometer.  I have mad pancreatic skills that I am proud of thanks to diabetes.  I have met so many people along the way that have blessed this journey!

Today we celebrated Bekah and her bravery.  Today was much different than a year ago.  This year I have learned how to put diabetes more in the background.  This year I have discovered that this life is not just hard on me and Bekah but the rest of my family (especially my teenagers).  This year we celebrated a lot more low key.

I wore blue.

I wrote a note to our local radio station and asked that they dedicate a song to Bekah.  I didn't specify what song just told them her story and to let God guide their choice.  I wish I had an audio clip from the show but this is the song choice:

We took flowers to Bekah's teacher and principal to thank them for the amazing care they give Bekah on a doily basis.  Bekah got a matching bouquet as a gift from me.

Bekah's school will collect new stuffed animals this month in her honor to be donated to our local Pediatric ER.  We bought some animals to take to the drive.

My favorite part was finding out that one of Bekah's camp buddies has the same dx day (only she is 5 years ahead of Bekah and celebrated 7 yrs with the big D today).  We met her family at Starbucks and had cake pops and fun drinks.

For dinner I let Bekah pick.  Her favorite meal is mac-n-cheese from the deli and fruit.  We washed it down with milk and peanut butter cups.  Yummy!

That was our day.  Simple.  Easy.