Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A brief moment...

I can hardly believe that I have found a brief moment to sit and purge a bit of the excess filling up my swelly brain.  Life has been a whirlwind and at times a virtual tornado as I rip from one activity to the next trying as I might to keep up with my four active children who vary drastically in ages and stages of life.  Add to that two rambunctious puppies and you might be able to understand why this break to sit in front of my screen and type to my hearts' content is a rare indulgence these days. 

I miss my readers and your beautiful encouraging comments and I miss reading blogs and encouraging others.  As for this season I hope you all can have grace and understand that you are not far from my thoughts and when I find the time I do pour over your blogs and love reading your thoughts. 

Bekah started second grade just a few weeks ago.  I am happy to say as I sat in that meeting this year before the first day of school with the teacher, nurse and principal that a tear or two might have run amuck down my cheeks but I did not sit and sob through the whole thing.  I handled it in a cheery tone and I think it went well.

The school year has been going well.  I have continued the communication sheets that I got from Reyna and they work awesome!  Last year Bekah's teach was well versed on Diabetes care and how to creatively manage blood glucose levels.  This year's teacher is a quick study who thinks on her feet and is a great communicator.  Bekah and Mrs. B make a great team and I am happy to say that I have not felt anxious to run errands this year nor have I had to be at the school other than the first few days.  (I like to be there doing copying etc for the teacher just to make sure that she gets it and that Bekah will speak up when she needs something ie. feels low)

I have had many inquiries about the dog.  Our Sarah came from Warren Retrievers in Virginia and has an amazing temperament.  She loves riding in the car.  When Bekah gets out at school (Sarah nor Bekah are ready for the responsibility of having her at school) Sarah barks and then once the door closes she whines until we leave the parking lot and then is quiet the rest of the ride home.  Sarah is a typical puppy and has challenges like yesterday when I found her on top of the table eating David's lunch.  On top of scent training (that part almost comes naturally to her) we are service training Sarah.  It is quite a challenge to take a strong willed, loud, creative toddler in public especially when I have the puppy with me.  We do have a trainer that is amazing at what she does  that comes out quarterly to work with us and Sarah.

Just a note about Sarah's alerting.  She licks Bekah's face mostly to alert us to low and high BG levels.  If she is in her crate Sarah will bark a high pitched ear piercing bark.  Sarah has alerted to my mom who is a T2,  a friend's son who came by to pick up some Lantus we didn't need, a man we came across at a car show who wanted to say hello to our puppy and me yes your read that right me.  I am pre-diabetic (self diagnosed since we have no insurance for my husband and my self) I had GD, my mom is a T2, I am over weight and my fasting BGs are 105 on average.  We had eaten dinner out and I had eaten a high carb meal (a rare thing for me).  Sarah barked her alert bark at me as she stared me down then I took her out of her crate and she licked my face (she never licks me).  I checked and sure enough my BG was 167 more than an hour  postprandial.  I'll be taking it easy on the bread sticks from now on. 

Our puppy has proven to be a blessing in so many ways.  She fits our family well and brings us lots of joy.  We still have quite a ways to go to get her paid off.  The whole process has been quite amazing.  It has taught me a lot about myself. 

David is awake now and wreaking havoc so I must bring this post to and end.  Hopefully I will be able to update again soon.   Much love,