Monday, September 13, 2010


Dearest David,

Oh baby boy where has the time gone? Today you turn 19 months and I am slowly forgetting what your infant face looked like as you have become toddler through and through. I love your sense of humor and wonder with the world around you!

Your favorite phrases as of late have been "Ah like a..." and "Ahlalu...." (fill in the blank and to translate the toddlerses Ah=I, lalu = love you) Like the other day as your body was almost too tired to hold you up, you staggered across the floor with your water cup in one hand, and you said "Ah Like A Drink". One day recently as you were enjoying a piece of candy with your sister to help her boost a low blood sugar you said "Ahlalu tanden" (tanden=candy).

The other thing you love to say is "hode you" (hode=hold). I love when you wrap your little toddler arms around my neck and say "hode you mommy" followed by "ahlalu".

I love the way you find a tune in everything too. You gotta bust a move any time a beat is heard. Like in the copy room at the school or when the dishwasher is running. You can dance like no other 19 month old I have ever met. You can groove with the best of them. I love how much joy you get out of life. It is contagious!

Ahlalu my little man! I'm so thankful for the joy you have added to our family. It has made these past six months a little easier. With out you in my world I might take life a little too serious. I find myself belly laughing at you or with you at least once a day, my "joy unstoppable"!


  1. "AhLa" this post. David sounds like one awesome kid. It is so comforting for me to know that he makes you belly laugh during some dark times Heidi. I bet that definitely helps lighten the mood a little when "d" is lurking...behind the scenes.

  2. Oh, so sweet!!! Savor these days with David!

  3. What a sweetheart! There is nothing better than a dancing baby!

  4. Awl I love love love this :D
    I wrote about your blog, on my blog.... :)
    You may read it, if you'd like♥♥♥

  5. So sweet!!!! Babies are amazing and they do grow up too quickly...enjoy all those hugs and ahlalus!