Friday, March 4, 2011

A word from the cousin...(guest post)

This post was written by my niece Makaila.  She is not only Bekah's cousin but her best friend as well. Mak has been Bekah's champion this year.  Mak cheers her on and holds her hand to help her feel brave.  Makaila has also had me check her blood sugar for fun a few times so she would know what it feels like for Bekah.  Bekah and Makaila  are a little like yin and yang they temper each other.  It is a beautiful thing to watch how close the girls are and how much they love and support each other!

My name is Makaila I am Bekah's cousin.  A year ago my mom told me my cousin had diabetes and I cried and cried because she was in the hospital.  I felt very sad because diabetes is big word and I did not know what it meant.  I thought Bekah was going to die.  My mom, brother and I drove to her town the next day.  I went to the hospital to see Bekah.  I was really scared and trying to be brave so Bekah would not know I was so scared.  We got to play Bingo on the TV at the hospital.  Bekah won 2 times and we got these really cool barbies.  I was so sad for her when my mom told me Bekah would be getting shots.  I HATE shots because they HURT, every time I have to get one I cry and cry.  I held Bekah's hand as she got some of her shots and pokes.  Her shots have insulin in them.  I am not sure what insulin is but I do know it helps Bekah.  It was very exciting because FINALLY we got to take Bekah home.  I think she needed the fresh air.  
Although diabetes is big deal my cousin Bekah is still the same girl we just have to find out how much sugar is in her candy before we eat it.  Sometimes I feel lucky that I don't have diabetes because of what Bekah has to do.  I think kids with diabetes are way braver then me.  My mommy told me to think of something that is good because Bekah has diabetes and I don't really know, Diabetes is scary.  Actually now that I think about it Bekah is more confident.  
Now that my cousin has diabetes when I grow up I want to be a Scientist to help people with diabetes.  This year having a cousin with diabetes I have learned when you have diabetes you have to have shots, and at first your cousin having diabetes is a little scary but you get used to it and lots of times I even forget she has it.

Isn't she just precious?!!


  1. Precious indeed. I like that she "forgets" that she has it sometimes. You know, sometimes I forget Joe has it...LOL.

  2. I think that is one of the sweetest things I've read in a long time. Bekah is lucky to have such a great cousin!

  3. what a great view from such a sweet little!

  4. What a wonderfully sweet and special little girl!