Sunday, March 6, 2011

a brother recalls what the last year has been like...(an interview)

This is from  my almost 16 yr old son's perspective.  His birthday is 3 days after Bekah's dia-versary. He decided that he would rather verbally answer questions instead of writing out a blog post.

What do you remember about your sister's dx with T1D?
I remember coming home from school and no one was home.  That was a little odd since that rarely happens.  Either you or Dad are almost always home when I get home.  I passed the time by playing my new game when you called and said Bekah was in the hospital and Grandma would be coming to pick Megan and I up.  We stayed with Grandma and Grandpa while Bekah was in the hospital.  I remember that the day before you guys came home, the ambulance had to come to my school because I was having chest pains.  I remember everyone was really worried about Bekah.

 How did you feel when your sister was dx?
I don't really remember, I think I blocked out most of that. 

Do you worry about T1D?
A little, I mean I think that might be why I keep having a recurring dream about it...

What dream?  Will you tell me about it?
I really don't want to Mom, it's bad.  I have had it for the last ten nights or so...
I pressed a little more

In my dream I am sleeping and I wake up to everyone screaming and crying because Bekah...well you know...(he hangs his head to the side with his tongue sticking out) in her sleep...I think it's because my birthday is coming up and last year before my birthday, she almost died and I had to stay with grandma and grandpa and it was just not a happy time.  My birthday from now on will not really be a happy time because of all of that.

I let him know we are having a party for her to make it a happy thing and that his birthday will be awesome! 

How do you think diabetes will effect your future?

I think a year ago I would have told you that it was going to have a big impact on it but now it's just normal that Bekah has it and no one is as stressed out about it.
What do you want people to know about diabetes?
I don't know...I mean I don't know that much about it.  You know everything and a batch of cookies but I only know what I see around here.  I don't know...

I will leave you with some thing I posted a while back.  It's a photo that Josh put on his Facebook page that he took with his phone, with the caption "What does it take to break ones heart sometimes I thought a girl would break mine more than anyone and that's so true... I just never thought it would be my sister"


  1. That picture with the caption gets to me every time. It seems like Josh and Bekah have a close relationship Heidi.

    Thank you for this and please tell Josh "Happy Birthday" from his Cyber-Fan, Reyna!!!

  2. Wishing Josh a super happy birthday (EVERY year!!)

  3. Oh my touching! I got all choked up reading the caption with that photo. I'm close with my 2 older brothers, so it's nice to see that going on here.

  4. OH! That caption... what an awesome brother.