Monday, March 28, 2011

Audiologist postponed...

Let me start this post by sharing the good of the weekend.  The most wonderful thing happened!  Since the time change, Mr. David has decided that midnight (sometimes later) is when he needs to go to sleep.  It has been wearing on me.  I usually am up until then but am used to having a few minutes to unwind sans children before I do the midnight BG check and head off to slumberland.  Friday, I could tell I needed sleep.  I was way more emotional and sensitive than usual (Reyna you saw a bit of it).  At 10:00 on Friday night I asked my husband if he minded trying to get David to sleep or at least letting me take a nap until David was ready.  At 10:30PM my head hit the pillow and I remember nothing (I don't even think I moved) until my eyes opened at 7:30AM.  I felt amazing!  I think I had forgotten what it feels like to wake up rested.  I think it had been since before I was pregnant with David that I had gotten 9 hours of sleep in one sitting.  What an awesome hubby I have!

Saturday about mid-day Bekah complained to me that her ear hurt.  I had a big sense of relief as I figured that maybe this was why she had not passed her hearing screening last week.  She still seemed to be in good spirits and we went to CHAP.  We saw Denise (of my sweetest boy) and her boys and had a blast jumping with painted feet on a mattress.  I came home with paint on my rear (and paint on my car seat because I was unaware that I had sat in paint).  My purse joined in the action too, I think I set it down on the chair I had been sitting in.  It was a blast none the less and a little paint in unexpected places won't keep us away. 

As we were at CHAP Bekah began to sort of fade.  It was pretty obvious that she wasn't feeling well.  When we got home she just laid on the couch and her ear began to drain a bit.  I didin't want to take her to the ER just then so I thought I'd see how the night would go.  I just tried to keep her comfortable and did frequent BG and ketone checks.  Here is what our night looked like: (ketones were always at 0.1)

I had started giving her Ibuprophin before I took her temp so I had to wait and took her temp around noon.  Her temp was 100.1 and I had done a temp basal increase at first to +30% and then I upped it to +70%. I called our clinic's same day services to see if there was a pediatrician working and sure enough there was so off we went to the doc.  (I am so thankful that I was able to take her to the clinic on a Sunday instead of having to wait or going to the ER)

My poor girl had so much wax in there, the doc couldn't see what was going on.  There was a bit of miscommunication at first and the doc was digging in the wrong ear.  Bekah has white earwax (it looks a bit like cotton) and it was pretty well attached to the ear canal.  By the time we left Bekah was in tears becuase the other ear was more sore than the one we had gone in to be seen about.  Given her other symptoms, the doc decided that an antibiotic (both oral and drops) was in order.

Bekah was hungry and hadn't eaten much all day so we stopped at Subway.  She is not much of a sandwich kid so I let her just get some Sunchips and a light lemonade. Her BG was 235 so I did a correction and I bloused her for the 30g of carb and then she s l o w l y ate some of the chips.  We headed to Target to pick up her script.  She had only eaten half of the bag of chips so I decided that I'd watch her demeanor and give her a juice box if I deemed necessary.  I thought we would be quick and back to the car in just a couple of minutes.  It took a little longer than I had expected and at one point Bekah said she needed to sit down.  I immediately gave her the juice box.  She said she didn't feel low.  I made her drink it anyway. As soon as we walked out the door of Target, she began to puke. (at least it was in the parking lot)  CRAP! 

I just stood there with her until she was done emptying the contents of her stomach and then calmly (on the outside) escorted her to the car.  I did not have any thing to wash her hands with to get a good BG reading so I raced home and got her comfortable on the couch.  As I was driving I was going over in my head the glucogon protocol and the mini glucogon protocol.  I was ready with the honey to massage on her gums as she was busy checking her BG level...5,4,3,2... 190.   Whew!  I knew we weren't completely out of the woods so I turned off the temp basal increase and checked again in an hour and got 107.  Then again in an hour 108, hour later 178. Deep sigh of relief.  At bedtime her BG had skyrocketed up to a 294 so I did another temp basal increase.  It was nice then to see numbers the rest of the night that began with a 1. 

Needless to say, going to the audiologist on Tuesday would be unproductive.  I have postponed the appointment until after her follow up with her pediatrician.  I'm pretty sure we got the answers we were seeking this weekend.  I fully expect Bekah to pass the next hearing test that she takes. 


  1. Ah WOW, that sounds like a doozy of a w/e. I hope she is doing better and better. And, so glad that you got thost 9 hours of sleep. I love it when I get a ton of un-interrupted sleep. I don't even know what to do with my "well-rested" self!

    And the paint on your butt/car/purse...kind of funny...:)

  2. awww..poor girl. I hope she's feeling better!

  3. good thing she didnt eat a sandwich. My kids like the meatball... my stomach turned just thinking about it.

  4. Hope she's feeling better soon!

  5. What a weekend!

    I really hope that's the answer! Keep us posted.

    Hope Bekah feels better soon!