Saturday, October 30, 2010

Will the real Rebekah please stand up

I was just going to post about my other three who don't get much of the spot light lately, but then I realized that Bekah gets seen through a cloud of D.  D does not nor ever will define her it is just a part of her like her blue eyes are a part of her. Here are a few of Bekah's favorite things...

I have shared her latest A1C (6.8) but did you know that playing with my hair brings her comfort.  It started when she was just a nursing infant.  She would reach up and  gently play with my hair while she was suckling.  She never ever pulled or yanked.  The only time it would hurt was if my hair was in a pony and she grabbed the hairs on the back of my neck.  I grew my hair out for locks of love and when I got it cut, I saved a lock for her (gross I know but she loved my hair so much that I thought she would think it was cool).  She wanted nothing to do with the hair if it was not connected to my head.  If she had my hair to play with, she could fall asleep any where.  To this day when she is feeling sick, she will sit beside me and gently sift her fingers through my hair.

Bekah also loves to dance.  For a season we were able to afford lessons for her.  It's just too expensive now especially with the extra cost of D.  Here is a video that I found on youtube that they made for a promo of her class.  She is itty bitty here.  It was her very first session of ballet.  She is second to the right of the teacher. 


Bekah loves to draw and unprompted will spend an afternoon "creating".  When given free choice time at school her favorite activities always included some sort of art.  Here is a drawing that she made in art class.  (at home we call her Bekah but at school she prefers to go by Rebekah) 

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  1. Thank you. You are so right, there is so much more to these children than "d". I don't know that Joe would even talk about "d" if he were asked to describe himself.

    I loved her dancing...and the art!