Friday, October 1, 2010

Accidental Squash Soup

I love fall and squash season. I'm one of the only people in my family that eats it but I looove squash. Since it is a rare treat I bought the pre-peeled and cubed Butternut from Costco. If I am treating my self then it's worth it to not have to cut it up and peel it. Today, I decided that squash would be on the menu for lunch. Oh my mouth is watering even as I type it.

I dumped in the container of squash and added some water, a shake or two of salt and a pinch of cinnamon to a large pan and brought it to a boil. When it was done cooking I realized I had overestimated the amount of water needed. I didn't want to drain all of the good vitamins out so I decided to puree it and see what happened. My hand mixer is on it's last leg but it did an ok job of mostly smoothing out the chunks. I decided to try thickening up the mixture with some cottage cheese. I placed the 4+ cups of squash mixture in the blender with about a half a cup or so of cottage cheese and blended them together. To my surprise when it was finished I had the most yummy creamy butternut squash soup I had ever tasted!

Sorry no exact recipe or carb count but I had to share!


  1. Now my mouth is watering! That sounds SO good! I LOVE squash, too!

  2. OK, this sounds yummy. I am going to try Sherry's recipe tomorrow...from Jenna's Pet has squash, apple, chicken broth etc. Wait, actually Sunday...we are having pizza tomorrow. I'll try yours sometime soon too. I love me some butternut squash.

  3. AHHHHHH!!!!!

    I would LOVE this!!!!

    I'm coming over....warm some up :)

  4. I too, LOVE butternut squash! My favorite part of fall! I've never made the soup myself, but you have given me the confidence to try!