Sunday, October 17, 2010


"Activity, activity, activity..." is my new mantra as I am working to make myself a healthier person and be a better example to my kids.

After Bekah's dx in March, I wanted to be able to place her on a shelf as if she were a porcelain doll.  Don't move a muscle and maybe we can have control over D.  Ha ha ha... I finally got brave after about 3 weeks and we went out for a walk.  I gave her a juice box before we left and then we fought off a couple of lows when we got home.  It was scary for me so I avoided getting her out for very much activity for the next few months.  If she was content to stay in doors and color then I was fine with that.

Fast forward to August and Megan's GI appt.(She was dx with fatty liver)  I knew then that I was at fault and had set a poor example for her and we both needed to make a change.  I began encouraging Megan  to be more active and was trying myself too.  I had Megan keep a journal of  four things; what she was eating, how much water she was drinking, how much screen time (computer, tv, video games) and how much activity.  I made sure she understood that there was no judgment.  I just wanted to increase her awareness of what she was doing and what changes could be made to increase her health.  I joined this venture with her so she didn't feel alone.  I have to honestly admit that my efforts were only half-a** as I was buried in trying to get all of the documents and supplies together to make sure that Bekah would be safe at school all day. 

A couple of weeks ago we got an exercise trampoline.  I also had an epiphany that I needed get over my fear of her being active and begin now encouraging Bekah to get regular exercise and eat her veggies. These are key components to managing good health, D or no D.  She does ok with veggies but has realized that she doesn't NEED to eat them.  Her carbs are always first and then she is usually full.  So I set up a sticker chart.  For every 3 servings of veggies or 20 min of exercise, the girls each get a sticker (there is not a limit to the number of stickers they can earn in a day).  (I am on the chart as well)  Bekah's school has a licorice sale every  Friday after lunch, so if she has 7 stickers on the chart by Friday, she gets a quarter to buy two pieces of licorice.  I am hoping this is teaching Bekah that treats are ok in moderation while getting the good habits of eating veggies and regular exercise to stick for life.  Megan's reward is getting to watch her favorite tv show that day if she has at least two stickers on the chart for that particular day.  (I am a little more intense about it with Megan because she is older and can handle higher expectations and her health has suffered already so we need to get it fixed fast, plus I have less time to teach these things to Meg as she is approaching the teen years and we all know what teens think of parents.)
Yesterday, it was a gorgeous day here in the Great Northwest!  I decided some outdoor activity was in order.  There is a walking trail that is just about 3 miles in length (which makes for a nice 5.5+ mile hike) not far from our house.  Bekah checked her BG before we left (83 so a juice box was in order) and away we went.  Bekah got a little crabby at one point so I asked if she "felt low".  I knew it would be a fight to get her to check so I handed her a juice box and a handful of fish crackers.  I then remembered that I had the POWER now that she is on a pump so I turned down her basal rate 50% for the next hour and a half.  I told her to just keep munching on goldfish if she felt hungry and we'd just correct if she went high at dinner.  (I had pulled pork in the crock pot so I knew we'd be eating almost immediately after we walked in the door.) I don't remember the exact number but her BG was somewhere around 160.  No lows that night either =) 

Here are some pictures of our wonderful outing:

 Checking out the woolly bear caterpillars along the trail
 Daddy and David on the bridge
 The view from the trail (if you look closely in the back ground you can see Mt. Hood)
The whole crew, Josh is in the lead (walking and texting of course) Bekah is on her scooter beside Jason pushing David in the stroller and Meg is on her bike


  1. WAHOO! I am impressed. It sounds like you are really revamping the way the family views activity, screen time, and nutrition.

    P.S. My children LOVE Wooly Bears...we are always picking them up and studying them. We even had "joint custody" over a couple of them with one of Joe's good friends.

  2. Heidi, those ideas are great, especially for Megan since you need to tackle that asap. It's a touchy issue to help a child stay or become a healthy weight while not making them feel pressured or judged. I admire your ideas and perserverance.

    I know we need to be better about eating and exercise also. I've been focusing on getting the kids helping out better with chores, but eating habits would be a good thing to add to a chart also.

  3. Beautiful day, beautiful outdoors, beautiful journey.

    Keep up the good work!

  4. What a great day to spend time together as a family. We're pretty lucky that the kids grandparents enjoy outdoor activities, too and have kept up motivated when we feel overwhelmed and like turning into couch potatoes!

  5. Those pictures are absolutely beautiful!!! What a fun outing for you and your family :)