Friday, October 22, 2010

Sometimes it's the little things...

 Hearts are heavy around the DOC and rightly so.  We have been hit hard.  We see each other like family and in some cases offer each other more support than family.  When one of our own has left us we all take it personally because we know it could just as easy be us facing our worst night mare.  Reyna put it very well this morning, we need to live life to the fullest each and everyday!  I decided to write about something a little more light today that brought me joy this week. 

We are a family of humble means. The weather in the mornings has been getting more chilly every day although the afternoon have been gorgeous.  Bekah has grown out of the winter coat that she wore last year.  She is not one to wear a heavy coat everyday and sweatshirt or fleece usually will suffice so when we got school clothes, I didn't buy her a new coat and decided to save the funds for when she would need one. The weather in the NW is very unpredictable and it could be in the upper 50s and raining all winter in which case she wouldn't need anything heavier than her rain coat over a fleece.  This fall, my once rarely sick girl, seems to be fighting colds on a regular basis.  Yesterday, it was 38 degrees and I felt so guilty sending her to school in a fleece.  She was fine with it though.  As I drove home, after dropping her off at school, knowing we had almost no money in the bank account, I prayed a little prayer.  "Lord, help me find the perfect coat for Bekah that fits in to my budget".  I knew I had seen some at Costco and my plan was to head there later in the afternoon hoping we would have the funds to purchase one.  As my day went along, I realized that Costco wasn't going to work into my errands.  I had some stuff to drop off at the consignment store so I decided to wait until Bekah got home from school and take her with me so we could look there for a coat.

The consignment store that I shop at is awesome!  It actually smells good and they only take name brands, even then are super picky, so everything is in top notch condition.  We looked along the row of coats in Bekah's size range.  Each one that looked great would be on the small side.  I was just about to give up when there it was.  A double layer Gymboree coat in her size.  It is really four coats in one.  The two zipped together, each layer separated  or the inner layer can be reversed to make a cute fleece.  Anyone who knows me well, knows that in the days when we had money, I was a Gymboree freak.  I don't think Megan wore very many things that weren't from Gymboree all the way up until kindergarten.  The coat was marked at $14.00, even more perfect!  We took it to the cash register to pay and they checked my in store credit from my consigns.  I had more than enough to pay for the coat.  As we left, I said a prayer of thanks for my practically free find!  Here is Bekah modeling the coat:

Yes, Nicole (a good friend since we were in 5th grade who has 9 kids) I will pass my great find along to you when Bekah is done with it.  

Speaking of Nicole, she made my day last week.  David has particularly wide feet.  It's not really his feet but his toes that are wide and his baby toe gets caught unless he is wearing wide width shoes.  I was lamenting to Nicole that I was probably going to have to take David to get some expensive shoes to accommodate his toes.  She being the super shopper that she is, has a huge box of shoes for her kids.  As each one grows out of a pair it goes in the box for the next child to wear.  She actually had 3-4 pair of shoes that David's feet fit into that she let us borrow until the triplets are ready for them.   Thanks! =)

Another little thing that puts a smile on my face everyday is the coffee maker my in-laws gave me for Christmas last year.  Isn't she beautiful!  She makes the yummiest cup of coffee for me every morning.  (I buy the little k-cups at Costco, Tully's French Roast to be exact) I am a creature of habit and use the same mug, given to me for my birthday a few years ago by a dear friend, every morning.  As I am perusing your blogs each morning you can bet that mug is in one hand filled with a full bodied, rich cup o' joe. 

I was going for an artistic angle  

Have a great weekend!  Loves! 


  1. That coat was a seriously GOOD DEAL! And love the coffee part. I am such a caffeine hound. I drink like a pot and a 1/2 a day!!! YIKES. I know.

    Love ya! I am going to go scope out your other blog now!

  2. It is refreshing to read a light, happy blog post!!!

    Woo hoo! You scored big time with that coat! And it's so nice of Nicole to lend you the shoes.

    I love a good cup o' joe, too!

    Enjoy the weekend!!!

  3. OMGosh. You know me SO well. I started reading your post and I'm thinking, 'Um, Denim & Frills Heidi, DUH!' lol. Then I got farther and saw the coat and thought, 'Save it for us!'

    I hope the shoes are working out great! Miss you! Come over soon :)

  4. Awesome post....LOVE THE COAT!!! WOOT WOOT!

    I also have a box of shoes :) I LOVE MY BOX OF SHOES!!!! There's always something for someone in a pinch :)

  5. Bekah looks great sporting her new coat. We love pink and brown at my house :)

  6. I love this happy post!♥ A Great Coat for a GREAT little girl! And a Great deal for a great mommy!