Monday, December 6, 2010

Playing nurse

 Disclamer: I am not a real nurse or doctor for that matter and this is not intended as medical advice.

I was in a rather deep slumber at 2:45AM this morning, when I heard a sweet small voice standing beside me "Mommy, I feel sick".  My eyes flew open and as my brain tried to catch up I went into triage mode.  "Do you feel low?  Are you going to throw up?"  No and no were her answers. I cuddled her in close to me.  She was HOT.  I tucked her into be next to me and ever so gently, I asked if she needed a drink and then if it would be ok for me to check her BG.  Lately, especially at night, asking Bekah to check her BG can send her into a melt down.  She longs for control over this blasted disease, she longs to be "normal" and not have to be a human pin cushion and at night the emotions come out.  I was going to check no matter what her answer was but if she said no then I would just wait until she was asleep and speak to her resting body to get her "permission".  BG checked out at 217 and ketones 0.3.  I gave a correction bolus, then I got her some diet 7-up and checked her temp 99.8.  Illness and D are new to us, heck D is pretty new to us so I handled this pretty much like I would if Bekah didn't have D.  There was added fear because illness has never scared me before.  I hate when my kids get sick but don't fear a hospital trip or worse.  In the past with fevers under 101 I let run their course.  I figure the fever is there for a reason and I don't want to prolong illness by covering up the fever.  A mild fever will keep my kids from being too active as well or thinking they are better when they need to rest.  Bekah hates taking any fever reducer and since she was under 101, I decided not to fight it and let it run it's course, checking every couple of hours to make sure it wasn't going to mysteriously spike.  We camped out on the couch watching movies and coloring, checking for ketones every 3 hours.  We got up to 0.6 and a temp basal increase knocked those ketones right out.  I love the blood ketone meter!  It makes having to check for ketones so easy!  I don't have to wait for her to have to pee and I can check when it's convenient with David (like when he is distracted with his toys).  I made what I now call sick day punch.  Crystal Light Hydration (it has vit C, B and A) mixed instead of with water, diet 7-up.  Bekah drank a TON of it today.  I also upped her vit D.  By 3PMish her fever was gone as were the ketones and she told me she felt better.  Whew!  I know that sick days won't always be this easy, don't get me wrong, I am exhausted from worry and lack of sleep but I am so glad we got through unscathed. 


  1. you rocked it!! Good job! Glad shes feeling better.

  2. You guys did remarkable Heidi! Great job...and that Crystal Light drink sounds amazing. I think I'll get some for stand-by.

  3. Glad you got through it:) A mom NEVER fails :D
    All of you are in my prayers♥

  4. Wow! You totally rock! I LOVE that Crystal Light idea. My have to steal that idea.....

    : )

  5. Great job! Glad to hear that she's feeling better. Sick days can be so scary!